By Seth Kinker,

The Dexter Board of Education approved bid package 14 at their June 10 meeting as they continue to appropriate funds from their 2017 bond, totaling an amount not to exceed $2,143,401

Two separate motions were required. First, a motion to award the contracts for bid package 14, that was not to exceed $1,804,401, to E&L Construction Group, Eastpointe Interiors, Universal Sign, and Huron Valley Electric. Most of that went to district wide improvements (E&L Construction Group) with others going towards electricity and technology work across the district  (Huron Valley Electric), sign maintenance across the district  (Universal Sign), and floor maintenance at the high school (Eastpointe Interiors).

Second, a motion was made to award mechanical work for bid package 14 to John Darr Mechanical not to exceed $339,000.


A representative from Granger Construction, contracted by Dexter Community Schools for many projects, was on hand to report that they had received favorable bids for most of their projects.

One package, 6.02, a pavilion at Creekside coupled with the new quad fields, didn’t have favorable bids when compared to the bond budget and Granger’s representative reported it was excluded, they were looking for other ways to get it done.

The passing of this bid package, minus some minor changes in the district that haven’t been put out to bid yet, spends down the remaining Series 1 funds. The largest exception would be an addition to the high school. Granger’s representative reported a design provided by an architect wasn’t affordable, so the facilities team will revisit what they want to do in the next month or so.

In a June 4 letter to DCS, Granger and the DCS acknowledged that some of the Series 2 bond funds will need to be reallocated towards high school classroom carpeting.

Council member Dick Lundy reported the bid package was reviewed at the facilities committee
and approved for board recommendation.