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The results of Dexter Community Schools Superintendent Chris Timmis’s annual evaluation were positive.

Held in closed session for around two hours during the Dec. 2 DCS Board of Education meeting, the school board opened up the meeting to the public again and voted on a motion that the Board of Education adopt the completed evaluation reflecting the Board’s overall assessment of the Superintendent as highly effective.

The motion carried unanimously.

Chris Timmis

In follow up to the meeting, The Sun Times News reached out to school board president Michael Wendorf.

“The Board’s view of Superintendent Dr. Timmis is overwhelmingly positive,” Wendorf said. “In his annual evaluation conducted on December 2, 2019, Dr. Timmis received a highly effective rating, the highest rating possible under the state mandated evaluation matrix. The Board looks forward to working with Dr. Timmis to implement the District’s strategic goals.”

Here are a few of the current district goals:

“Strengthen the human capacity through the design and delivery of high quality learning opportunities for students, staff, parents and the community both inside and outside the classroom walls.”

“Create personalized learning opportunities for students that include advanced programming for all students.”

“Foster an internal culture with a growth-mindset focused on increasing DCS’ ability to develop students’ capacity to think creatively, solve problems, analyze, synthesize, and navigate information.”

Among the different tasks put forth, the school board directs and asks the superintendent to work on multi-year goals and a strategic plan.

In response to the evaluation and its outcome, Timmis said, “DCS is fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented educators working with our kids. As a district, we are continuing to Champion Learning for all kids. I am blessed to work alongside such an amazing group of educators and am thankful for the continued support of the Board.”


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