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Synopsis of Action of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees

Regular Board Meeting December 20, 2016

Called to order at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Supervisor Rider, Clerk Ceo, Treasurer Brushaber, Trustees Drolett, Compton, Gajewski and Mesko.

Absent: None

Also, Present: Zachary Michels, Director of Planning & Zoning

Supervisor’s Remarks: Welcomed new Board Members Mark Mesko, Michael Compton and James Drolett. Explained how the new audio visual system that was recently installed operates.

Call to the Public: None

The Board approved: The Agenda for December 20, 2016 Board meeting with moving Township Fee Schedule from consent agenda to new business and adding appointment to the  Broadband Study Committee; Minutes from the November 15, 2016 Regular Board meeting with spelling corrections and the November 30, 2016 Special Board meeting; the consent agenda approving the Stein Election Generator Maintenance Contract, Township Hall Use policy update, and New Officials MTA training with purchase of additional training materials; along with General Fund bills totaling $74,839.67, Fire Fund bills totaling $54,248.35, Police Fund bills totaling $41,135.25, Agency Fund bills totaling $8,833.25, and gross monthly payroll of $31,202.74;

The following appointments were approved: Trustee Gajewski reappointment as Township Board’s representative to the Planning Commission and Planning Commission representative to the Zoning Board of Appeals terms expiring November 20, 2020, and re-appointment of Tom Lewis and Jeff Dehring to the Planning Commission, all for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2019; re-appoint Beth Filip as a regular member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for a three-year term expiring December 31, 2019; re-appoint David Diesing, Nina Doletzky-Rackham and Michael Howard as regular members, and Sheridan Springer as alternate member of the Board Of Review for two-year terms expiring December 31, 2018; re-appoint Jason Maciejewski as regular member and Mike Compton as alternate members of the Western Washtenaw Recycle Authority Board for two-year terms expiring December 20, 2018; re-appoint Harley Rider to the Dexter Area Fire Board for the remainder of a six-year term expiring March 17, 2021; re-appoint Harley Rider as remember of CAP/DART; re-appoint Harley Rider and Libby Brushaber and appoint Debra Ceo to the Township’s Personnel Policy Committee for terms expiring at noon on November 20, 2020; re-appoint Libby Brushaber to the Capital Improvement Committee for terms expiring at noon on November 20, 2020; appoint Jim Drolett as the Township Board representative to the Zoning Ordinance Review Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals for a term expiring at noon on November 20, 2020; appointed Michael Compton to the Broadband Study Committee; appointed Mark Mesko as alternate Township representative to the Chelsea Area Construction Agency.

In addition, the Board took the following actions: Approved Resolution 16-472 a resolution to approve the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority Debt Fee for New Dwelling Units; accepted the donation from the Servants of the Word in the amount of $315 for Township Operations, $665 for Fire Safety Services, $570 for Police Services and $390 for the Fire Sub-Station construction, for a total of $1,940, and thanked them for their generous donation; took no action on continuing  to permit employees to purchase MERS service credits, understanding that Dexter Township may approve or deny employee requests on a case-by-case basis; approved the DNR Volunteer Fire Assistant Project Agreement for the DAFD, authorizing the Township Supervisor to execute the Local Government Approval and authorizing the Township Clerk and Treasurer to facilitate payment to the DAFD of funds received by Dexter Township.



Second Call to the Public: Sara Westerdale expressed her concerns reference the rezoning request of the Doletzky property from agricultural to rural residential.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Debra A. Ceo, Clerk, Dexter Township

Summary approved by Harley B. Rider, Supervisor, Dexter Township

NOTE: Audio/video recording of the Township Board meetings are available on-line (and live) through the Township Website

This Synopsis of action at the December 20, 2016, Regular Meeting of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees was prepared by Debra A. Ceo, Dexter Township Clerk, and approved by Harley B. Rider, Dexter Township Supervisor, in accordance with the provisions of MCL 41.72a (5). A draft of the full minutes of the December 20, 2016 Regular meeting of the Township Board is available for examination at the Township Hall during regular business hours (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, except holidays). The full minutes of the December 20, 2016, Regular meeting of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees will be presented at the January 17, 2016, Regular meeting for review and approval by the Board. Following approval, the full minutes

will be posted on the Township’s web site .

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