Dexter Township Supervisor Harley Rider submitted his report to the Board at their October 15 meeting. The entire report can be found at this link beginning on page 57.

Township Hall Improvement/Remodel Update

Sidewalk has been completed. Landscape is scheduled for completion starting Thursday, October 17th. We will be submitting a list of concerns to the contractor, if any, for final inspection shortly thereafter.

I am still in search of an electrical contractor that can replace the automated light system for the parking lot and exterior lights, but so far haven’t found anyone willing to bid the job.


Terry May is preparing a quote to replace all fluorescent lights in the office area and meeting room with LEDs. The lights in the Supervisor’s office and one light over the Board table have already been replaced.

Silver Lake Boating Hours

The Silver Lake Home Owners’ Association has submitted a petition and request for Dexter Township to ask the State to revise the boating restriction hours. It is my understanding that the State may also be looking at restrictions on “wake boats” on several of our lakes, so I intend to present this petition to the Board at a later date, possibly December, to better coordinate with any action by the State on our other lakes.

The Silver Lake HOA is meeting on 10/10/19 regarding the petition to Dexter and Putnam townships for establishment of a Lake Improvement Board under the provisions of Part 309, Public Act 451 of 1994, as amended. If the HOA agrees to go forward with this request and petition and if they obtain the required 2/3 majority of all Silver Lake freeholders, I anticipate this request will be in front of the Township Board in December.

Washtenaw Urban County Executive Board – Housing Improvement Program

Of the more than $380,000 spent on Housing Improvement for homeowners in need in Washtenaw County, more than $9,000 was spent in Dexter Township assisting with modernization of a heating system and roof replacement.

Township Appointments

Three Planning Commission positions, along with one regular and one alternate position on the Zoning Board of Appeals, expire at the end of this year. I anticipate re-appointing two of the three PC positions and the regular ZBA position. However, I am looking for recommendations for one PC position and for the ZBA alternate position. I have also posted a notice on the Township website.


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