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Township Hall Improvement/Remodel Update

The Township is still searching for an electrical contractor to replace the automated light system for the parking lot and exterior lights. Interested contractors can contact the Township for more information.

A quote is being prepared to replace all fluorescent lights in the office area and meeting room with LED lights. Lights in the Supervisors office and over the board table have already been replaced.

Dexter Township Lake Issues

The Planning Commission has asked the Township Board to hold a Public Hearing on the issue of deep draft wakeboard boats. The Public Hearing requires a published notice and Supervisor Rider prefers the presence of the entire Township Board and is planning this for the January 2020 agenda, along with the Silver Lake boating hours issue.


The Silver Lake Home Owners’ Association has submitted a petition and request for Dexter Township to ask the State to revise the boating restriction hours. It is the Township’s understanding that the State may also be looking at restrictions on “wake boats” on several of our lakes. Therefore, Supervisor Rider intends to present this petition to the Board at a later date, possibly December, to better coordinate with any action by the State on other township lakes.

Lake Improvement Board – Silver Lake

The Silver Lake HOA met on 10/10/19 regarding the petition to Dexter and Putnam townships for the establishment of a Lake Improvement Board under the provisions of Part 309, Public Act 451 of 1994, as amended.

If the HOA agrees to go forward with this request and petition, and if they obtain the required 2/3 majority of all Silver Lake freeholders, the Township anticipates this request to be in front of the Board in December.

Section 22 Property

Supervisor Rider met with Township Attorney Peter Flintoft to discuss how to permanently protect the property purchased by the Township in Section 22. He presented a recommended course of action that includes an ordinance.

Supervisor Rider will be pursuing his recommendations and possibly presenting an
the ordinance at a future meeting.


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