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The ice rink in the city of Dexter is getting a new home this upcoming season.

Visitors to Mill Creek Park North, which is right next to the Dexter District Library, have probably noticed some groundwork going on there recently.  

Justin Breyer, city clerk and assistant to the city manager for the city of Dexter, said that work is the city’s department of public works, “smoothing out the topsoil in because we will be moving the ice rink to that location from Monument Park (the gazebo park in downtown) for this winter.”


Breyer said the ice rink, which is an annual feature the city typically sets-up in December and breaks-down in mid-March, will look the same as it did in Monument Park, but just be relocated to Mill Creek Park.

The rink will be 55 feet by 65 feet and will be surrounded by white fencing. 

“We are looking to pilot moving the rink to Mill Creek Park to see if it helps resolve an issue that we have been facing with the rink, and see if there is up-time during the winter,” he said.

The issue the city has been running into with the rink in Monument Park, according to Breyer, is that there is a grade change of about 18 inches from the Central Street side of the park to the Main Street side of the park. He said this grade change requires that the ice rink be filled with more water and ice not freezing all the way down to the liner on the deeper side.

“This, in turn, results in the rink leaking water when the liner becomes damaged, typically resulting from people attempting to skate before the rink is open and their skates puncturing the liner,” Breyer said. “However, there is limited grade change in the area of Mill Creek Park where the work is taking place and where we are hoping to place the ice rink this winter.”

He said the city is hoping, “that reducing the grade in the ground beneath the rink will help resolve this issue by reducing the amount of water that needs to be placed in the rink, allowing it to freeze more quickly and more evenly, and allow for a longer skating period on the rink.”


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