Tiani Body Care Founder and Owner, Violet Raterman. Photo by Mel Marcum.

By Mel Marcum

Violet Tiani Raterman is the owner and founder of Tiani Body Care in downtown Dexter.

Growing up on the Whitney Farmstead in Ann Arbor, Violet enjoyed working alongside and supporting local communities. Violet kept the love going and is now a small business owner. Her company has been a dream of hers, and now it is coming to life in the heart of Dexter. Creating safe, clean, and affordable products for families while upholding sustainable practices is commendable. Her passion for science, community, and healthy living has fueled the success of Tiani Body Care. Speaking of science, Violet is a Biochemist.

Violet knew that she was not going to work as a biochemist her entire life. She was working in a plant research lab and started reflecting on what interested her. Maybe a cosmetic chemist? That was not it. She decided to generate her own brand. Violet spent years studying ingredients and reading labels. She started picking up on what ingredients worked and which were not synthetic.

Photo by Mel Marcum

Violet dabbled with homemade soaps and lotions, perfecting them. She figured out scents that she enjoyed best, eye-catching and fitting packaging that flows with her brand. She practiced her craft. She then started selling products at the Ann Arbor’s Farmer Market and saw great success. She is hands-on, all the way to the photos of her products.

As Tiani Body Care grew, so did Violet. She designed labels, her website, and her brand. Incorporating Tiani, a family name, adds a personal touch to the brand. It was a slow build to the point where she is today. Tiani honored her Italian heritage and the values instilled by her grandparents. Naming her dream after her middle name, Tiani, not only honors her family heritage but also serves as a reminder of the values and lessons passed down through generations.

It’s a tribute to the family’s legacy and a testament to the profound impact they’ve had on Violet’s life and business journey. Violet’s Grandparents were able to witness the early stages of Tiani Body Care by seeing their name on the storefront. Her grandfather walked through the front door to see his granddaughter’s dreams come true. Family plays a huge part of Violet’s entire life and it continues today.

Violet with a Tiani Body Care personalized gift box. Photo by Mel Marcum

This entrepreneur is a wife and mother of 2 children under the age of 4. She is not the only business owner in her family. With an engineering background, her husband is the owner of The Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro in downtown Dexter. Nick’s storefront has an expanded menu; producing high-quality, German-style sourdough breads and other baked goods, artisan pizzas, fresh sandwiches, seasonal soups, salads, and an array of healthy, fresh options.

How do they balance life and thriving businesses? Time and family are the answers. Violet states they are fortunate to have multiple family members in the area to help with their storefronts to child care. The balance did not happen overnight. The couple had goals and worked towards them. They started their businesses when the time felt right. With their business locations being near each other, they can be a part of each others’ businesses if needed. They sometimes lend a helping hand or easily swap kids and parenting time. After getting their storefront up and running solidly and with a strong foundation, the couple can concentrate on their family. Family time is huge for the Ratermans. The family enjoys extended family time with their siblings and their child. Most of whom live nearby. Violet and Nick are sure to have time with their children, detach from businesses, and make memories at home.

Violet grew up using clean products. Clean products is a term used to describe products that are free from harmful chemicals. Non-clean products include ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. The emphasis on using clean ingredients, free of artificial fragrances and harsh additives, reflects Violet’s commitment to catering to individuals with sensitive skin.

The Raterman Family. Photo

Her personal experience with sensitive skin has driven her to create products that are not only effective but also gentle and safe for everyone to use. For color, Violet adds turmeric, roses, and carrots. Violet’s dedication to sustainability, through eco-friendly packaging and zero-waste options, showcases her commitment to reducing environmental impact while making it convenient for consumers to make eco-conscious choices. This shows through her products. Their zero-waste products include shampoo bars, solid dish soaps, bar soaps, and pure castile soap. Zero waste is a philosophy and lifestyle approach aimed at reducing waste generation and minimizing it. Customers can bring in bottles to refill, to reduce items in landfills.

What else does Tiani Body Care offer? Lots. All are handmade products such as hand/body/dish soaps, lotion, lip balm, and herbal salve. Tiani Body Care creates unique, interchangeable gift boxes that vary in size and price based on the customer. Tiani Body Care allows customers to choose their soap stamp that is embedded in the soap; also for many holidays! Customers can customize labels online or in-store for thank yous and baby to bridal shower favors.

Tiani Body Care products can be found in many local stores and shops all around Michigan. Don’t forget their storefront next to the USPS in Dexter. Also find Tiani Body Care on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. For more information check out their website:

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