Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM developed an interest in animal care and understanding of animal behavior at a very young age. He was born into a family of biologists, beekeepers, and veterinarians. Dr. Pete went on to complete veterinary medical school at Michigan State University in 1992. He is also a professional biology educator teaching in Siberia, and China. He explored the natural world in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, England, Scotland, the Canadian provinces, and throughout America. He said his experiences have shaped a diverse understanding of both animal and human behavior, and the strong bonds between animals and their human caretakers.

“From a very young age I have connected with dogs and cats and they have connected with me.  Even people’s pets that tend to be uncomfortable or nervous around strangers or specific people are most often comfortable around me,” explained Dr. Pete in his bio.  He began working as a veterinary assistant at the age of 10, working with multiple veterinarians, including his brother and brother-in-law who are both veterinarians.  At that early age he was assisting with every aspect of veterinary medicine and began grooming dogs and cats at that time.  As teenager he started a business trimming dairy cattle hooves as well.

“My love and care for dogs and cats has been strong since I was a child, and my knowledge, training, and experience has led me to the current phase of my life – providing premium high- quality pet grooming and care.  Also, the insights that I can provide as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, with experience in animal nutrition and biology education has led to the very positive, and joy-filled part of veterinary care that is without the compassion fatigue so often experienced by licensed veterinarians who deal with life and death every day.”


Dr. Pete explained that cats and dogs know how to be kind, gentle, caring, and loving right at birth. It takes humans many more years to figure out how to be as kind, gentle, caring, and loving

After graduation from MSU, he worked as a veterinarian in Wisconsin, first in a primarily pet animal clinic and then as a nutrition consultant for a baby-animal nutrition company. After several years he became a teacher of Advanced Placement Biology, Allied Medical Health and Anatomy and Physiology.  Now retired from both Dr. Pete decided to refocus solely on pet grooming and care with several goals in mind: to provide high quality grooming and care for dogs and cats that improves a pet’s physical and mental health; to provide a convenient, caring service that reduces the time and stress (to owner and pet) of bringing pet(s) to a “brick and mortar” grooming shop; and to provide more than what a typical pet groomer can provide, without the costs of a visit to a licensed veterinarian for minor veterinary services.  In addition to high quality grooming, I offer basic pet care services, veterinary and nutrition advice, first aid, basic veterinary treatments and veterinary insight to help pet owners determine if they need to get additional veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian.

“I made a conscious choice not to compete with local veterinarians, but instead work in concert with local veterinarians, (both brick and mortar and mobile) who are licensed to provide all levels of veterinary services, and prescribe medicines and vaccines.” He said there are 28 veterinary clinics within a 20-mile radius of Dexter that provide these crucial services.  “I chose specifically not to prescribe medicines, administer vaccines, nor provide major veterinary services that entail life and death decisions,” explained Dr. Pete. Instead, he said his desire was to complement their services by primarily providing premium high-quality grooming and hygiene that is so crucial for the health and well-being of a pet that also enhances the health, well-being and happiness of the caretaker of a pet.

In addition to his degree in veterinary medicine, Dr. Pete is a Certified Pet Hygienist and a Certified Pet Groomer.

In 1993, he was chosen by the International Crane Foundation of Baraboo, Wisconsin to travel to far-east Russia in order to develop, implement and teach biology, animal husbandry, natural resources, agriculture, and environmental education curricula.

“I feel fortunate to play a part in helping to keep pets healthy and by doing so also helping to keep us all as healthy, and happy as possible.




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