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EMU Receives Nearly $200,000 To Support Future Educators and At-Risk Students

Eastern Michigan University has been awarded a total of $198,535 in funding from the Martin Luther King, Jr. – César Chávez – Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative, a program established by the Michigan Legislature to support academically or economically disadvantaged students pursuing higher education.

“These grants are essential for our efforts to diversify the teaching workforce and ensure that pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade students have access to qualified and caring educators,” said Regina George, director of Eastern’s Pathways for Future Educators program. “The Morris Hood grant, in particular, will allow us to provide much-needed assistance to students who might otherwise face barriers to pursuing a career in education.”

EMU received grants for three programs:

  • Morris Hood, Jr., Educator Development (MHED) Program: The $30,000 grant supports the Pathways for Future Educators Program, which incentivizes students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue careers in K-12 education. The program provides incentives and academic support to 40 EMU students each semester.
  • Select Student Support Services (4S) Program: The $101,691 grant helps retain and graduate admitted students who face academic or economic challenges. The 4S program offers eligible students dedicated success coaches, workshops, academic support, and financial aid guidance. In the 2023-24 academic year, the program has already served 275 EMU students.
  • Michigan College/University Partnership (MICUP) Program: The $66,844 grant encourages transfer students from community colleges to complete their bachelor degrees at EMU. The program provides academic support, scholarships, and other resources. MICUP has 24 continuing participants and has accepted four new students for the current year.

“We are incredibly grateful for this funding from the KCP Initiative,” said Tracey Sonntag, associate director of Holman Success Center at Eastern. “These grants will allow us to continue providing essential support to students who face academic or economic barriers, helping them achieve their educational goals and contribute meaningfully to our community.”

For more information about the KCP Initiative, visit the webpage
at . https://www.emich.edu/hsc/academic-support/micup-beat/index.php

Image courtesy of EMU