Eric Weber Sits in the Director’s Chair

By Mary Hall

Along with writing a book and appearing as an extra in several movies and an Eminem Video, Eric Weber has now tried his hand at writing and directing a movie.

“Transgression(s)” is a “short”, the term the movie industry uses for film’s short in duration, and stars three Michigan based actors.  First there is Grover McCants, known for his work in “ATL Homicide”, then Charlene Jeter, known for her work in “Love Espionage”, and “A Spy’s Revenge” and finally Rose Anne Nepa, known for her work in “Batman vs. Superman” – this movie was filmed in Dexter and parts of Ann Arbor.

“Transgression(s)” focuses on the story of David and Victoria Flowers, a middle-aged African American couple who have been married for 15 years. Recently, they had been going through a rough patch, but Victoria believes they have worked through their problems, but have they……?

Weber stated that he has worked with all three of the main characters in the past and knew them to be excellent at what they do.  He went on to say that their individual personalities were perfect for the roles they each would be playing.

When asked about the budget for this short, Weber said he completed the entire thing for an unbelievably low cost of $450. His extras all agreed to work for free, so he made sure they were all well fed.  They came from at least an hour drive away, he said, so the least he could do was feed them.  Weber explained that he learned this from his Mother.  He stated “Growing up, my Mother cooked great big German style meals for the workers that came to our house.  My Mother always made sure that the people that worked on our house had enough to eat and drink, so they could focus on the work they did for us.  He went on to say, “My Mother also played a huge part in Transgression(s) being made, “Because when I was growing up, my Mother and I were huge Hitchcock fans. Transgression(s) draws a lot of inspiration from Hitchcock.”

Weber further explained that script writing for him is a lot like when he wrote his book.   When he writes, he said, he tends to take on the personality of the character he is writing about. He says he also starts thinking about how he will film the scenes he writes even as he is writing them.  He believes this makes the actual filming process take a lot less time.

Even as he was wrapping up “Transgression(s)”, which will be available on Vimeo for free on March 1, 2019, he has begun writing and getting the cast together for his next movie, “Is Love Enough?”. It is another short that Weber is very excited to get rolling on, about two adults in their late 20’s who fall in love and the obstacles they have to try to overcome.  He is currently looking for Michigan musicians/singers to perform their own songs for the soundtrack. He adds, “I would especially love it if I could get some of my former high school students from Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Saline or Ann Arbor to perform on the soundtrack.”

Weber added “Another thing I really enjoy about directing is that I am the only one who knows absolutely everything that is going on with the story and characters.

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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