Esquire Interiors Opens New Ann Arbor Showroom, Deepens Commitment to Growth in Ann Arbor

Esquire Interiors opened a new showroom in Ann Arbor, displaying a host of American-made home furnishing products in a redesigned 1950s warehouse.

“We’ve taken a 1950s freight warehouse and repurposed it into a high tech, state of the art design center with everything from automated window coverings to flooring and furniture. It’s unlike any design center in Ann Arbor,” said Ted Barron, owner and patriarch of Esquire Interiors.

The new showroom at 6235 Jackson Road is Ann Arbor’s first comprehensive design center for customers, designers, realtors and builders. They say the showroom will be their last big move. Esquire Interiors commitment to deepening local roots is a consistent Esquire Interiors trademark.

The three-generation family business began in 1952 as a drive-thru cleaner in the old Ypsilanti Street Car Building. It was the first drive-thru cleaner concept in the United States. Being innovative entrepreneurs, Norm and Wanda Barron grew the business to include window and floor coverings in 1960.

The family business’ customer-centric model led them to offer highly-durable materials, a best price promise, staffed designers and a friendly resident pup. Esquire Interiors focuses on providing customers with everything they need including practical prices, installation assistance and durable product lines.

“Providing everything under one roof and having multiple full-time designers on staff will make for an enjoyable and easy shopping experience,” said  Pam Cripe, lead designer and sister to Ted Barron.
Josh Barron is excited for the opportunities the new showroom offers customers, “We want customers to feel comfortable and stay as long as they’d like in our new showroom. Our designers are ready to help you out as much or as little as you’d like.”

A 35% off sale is available through May, for anyone visiting the new showroom on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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