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Michiganders love fall. The weather is cooling, days are shorter, and the hardwoods are putting on their colorful show. Pumpkin spice has been unleashed but its ubiquity cannot compare to the sheer joy of cider and doughnuts wafting through the crisp autumn air.

It’s a time for memories to be made and for traditions to be continued. It’s a time to gather up the family and experience the best time of the year with a pilgrimage to one of the many fun places in the area, like Jenny’s Farm Stand just outside of Dexter on the corner of Island Lake Rd. and Dexter-Pinckney Rd.

When it comes to fun stuff to do with the kids, in my case the grandkids, Jenny’s is an easy do. There is plenty of parking. The buildings, bright flowers, and animals immediately have their attention sending the signal that something fun is about to happen. The real excitement hits when they spy the monstrous hay mound out front. Off they go climbing, sliding, and rolling around with the other kids having fun. We take a seat and watch them burn off their pent-up energy. My daughter goes into the shop to get a bag of doughnuts and a jug of cider to enjoy while Tyler and I watch the kids.


It feels good, October good. There are pumpkins galore, stalks of corn, mums, and begonias. Candice returns with a half-dozen doughnuts. We eat our donuts letting the two boys play. They can get theirs when they’ve finished their grand adventure. The doughnuts are unbelievably good and I’m wondering, of the five of us, who is getting that sixth doughnut? It’s immaterial. All six are soon gone with the boys still obliviously playing. It’s my turn for a donut run.

The market itself is reminiscent of an old country store. There are gourds and pumpkins for baking, a variety of pickled items lining the shelves, apples, jams, pies, and other things. The line for the doughnuts moves fast and you can watch them being made while shuffling forward.

Back outside the boys are waiting at the picnic table for their treats. They gobble them down and off we go to see the animals. The boys enjoyed the goats, probably because they were kid-sized compared to the huge Percheron draft horses in the corral nearby. One of the workers gave us some pellets and showed us how to hold our hand flat so the huge horses could take it with their nimble lips.

With the goats petted, the horses fed, donuts eaten and straw picked out of the hair, we took our leave. We had spent just under an hour at Jenny’s with plenty of time for other stuff, but it felt like a full afternoon. This was a Saturday. The boys were spending the night. On Sunday, we went back again.

Those doughnuts.