On Apr. 8, Dexter boys basketball head coach Tim Cain was asked to step down from his position.

The response in the following days from players, parents, and staff has been one of confusion.

On Apr. 9 Dexter Superintendent Chris Timmis sent The Sun Times a statement via email regarding the decision.

“With regard to the decision to change the varsity boys basketball coach, it was not an easy decision. After several years, we were not seeing the evolution of our boys basketball program at the level we expect at DHS. We are grateful for the efforts of Coach Cain and want to wish him the best in his future. Meanwhile, we are committed to the future of our program for our kids. The position has already been posted and we plan to conduct interviews in the next few weeks. The interview process will be sent to parents of athletes in the program sometime in the next few days. We are confident we will have a strong pool of candidates and will hire a new leader for our boys basketball program by late April or early May.” 

On Apr. 10, Cain sent this statement to The Sun Times.

“I wasn’t going to bring this out publically but I’m willing to go on the record with it because too many people want the whole story and they aren’t getting it. The Superintendent completely removed the athletic director from the process of firing me. The athletic director hadn’t returned any of my messages since Feb. 25th. It’s April 10th. He didn’t even talk to me at the end of the year banquet that he and his son attended (his son is a freshman). Superintendent cites that they didn’t like the ‘evolution of the boys program.’ After last season the AD (and girls coach) sat me in his office and stated that he was thinking about taking over the boys program in order to coach his son. He was just going to replace me with himself. He stated that his only concern was my relationships with players. We had just gone 14-7 and snapped Ypsilanti’s 45-game SEC win streak. He just hadn’t decided yet. Three weeks later he stated that he was staying with the girls and that we wouldn’t have this conversation again. He was told by administration that he could make the change. This is all factual. They were just waiting for the right time.”

Also on Apr. 10, Timmis and athletic director Mike Bavineau issued statements in response to the forwarded statement from Cain.

Chris Timmis

“That’s sad. We take great pride in having the best coaches in front of our kids and the highest standards of running a program.  We expect our programs to run professionally and be effective models for our kids.  As a district, we do not believe Coach Cain’s program met those expectations.  I generally do not get involved in athletic programs in the level of detail that I became involved in with boys basketball unless the program is being poorly run and there are serious issues/concerns.  Through Coach Cain’s tenure, he and I spoke on multiple occasions regarding my concerns of his program not meeting our expectations.  Regardless of those conversations, I continued to be dragged into instances of the program’s mismanagement, poor judgment, and player and parent concerns.  We were much more flexible than we generally have been with other programs, in hopes that the boys’ basketball program would evolve to the standard we hold for all of our programs.  Unfortunately, it did not.  Therefore, we made the decision to hire a new coach and go in a different direction that better meets the values and expectations of our school district.  At this point, the decision is final.  It will not be reversed.  We make the best decision on behalf of our kids and this is one of those decisions. “

Mike Bavineau

“A decision was made to move the basketball program in a new direction.  Decisions like this are not easy.  We understand some decisions will be met with resistance and some are looked at favorably. I appreciate Coach Cain’s efforts and dedication to his team.  I wish him well in his future where ever that might lead.”



  1. Did he help the kids gain in sportsmanship and integrity, teamwork and commitment? How were the team’s grades? Did they have fun?Aren’t these the things high school sports are supposed to foster? Neither party mentions this. Sadly we seem to have strayed a long way from these goals. I shudder when I see the “adults” talking about their Program.