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Sound - Relaxation and meditative states have been shown to increase the threshold for emotional response. Like other kinds of meditation, Sound Therapy can help us be more internally aware and more present in the moment allowing us to connect with our surroundings.

Art - Self-expression through art can relieve stress and boost overall happiness in other aspects of our lives. It stimulates thought as one draws on their own emotions. The sense of sight and touch are stimulated and active in the creative process.

Join us for an amazing experience as we listen to Singing Bowls and create a unique work of art. Your muscles will lose tension, breathing and heart rates will slow down as the body begins to receive the waves of vibration and the meditative benefits of art.

Rob and Kaili will be your guides for this unique experience. Rob is a Licensed Massage and Sound Therapist and the owner of 7 Notes Natural Health. Kaili is the Creative Director and co-owner of Whitepine Studios.

Tickets can be purchased at: www.whitepinestudios.corsizio.com

7 Notes Natural Health
3830 Packard Road
Suite 120
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
United States

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