The Vintage Electronics Expo - Chelsea Fairgrounds 8am-4pm Sunday June 5 2022


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SUNDAY JUNE 5, 2022  8am-4pm.  Chelsea Fairgrounds   Vendor load in starts 6:30am.
The Vintage Electronics Expo
is a unique event that features vintage radios, audio gear, records, television, parts and gaming and computer devices 25 yrs and older for sale by collectors. Collectors and vendors come from all over to buy, sell, trade, discuss and learn about vintage electronics.   

"A new generation is discovering "vinyl" records and "tube" powered amplifiers," says Jeff Lilly, one of the event organizers. "This is the place to be for all that and more. There are beautiful wood cabinets and colorful plastics. It's amazing to see all the entertainment gear that was made back in the days before the internet."

Admission to the flea market "Expo" is $5. Kids under 18 FREE .   

The public is encouraged to bring their vintage electronics items in for a "Roadshow" style evaluation. They can also get repair or parts info or be put up for sale in the "Silent Auction" or "Main Auction".

In 2012 a very rare "Sparton Nocturne" blue mirrored console radio sold for a record $34,000 at this event. It was found in a barn in St. John's, north of Lansing. "Most smaller radios sell for under $100 in the flea market, some have even been restored to work like new and have inputs for Bluetooth or phone patching added," says Lilly.

Collectors have a wide range of items on sale and are always looking to buy items including radios, audio gear, very early televisions and other collectible vintage electronics. Around 3pm is a "Bargain Auction" where many items sell for under $10.   "It can be a lot of fun for kids to find stuff to fix up" said Lilly.   "The Youtube video of our 2019 winter Vintage Electronics Expo is a good way to see what this is like...  at the end of the video is the Bargain Auction...  what fun".

There will be seminars and an audio equipment clinic where your unit can be tested for correct performance. Details are on the event web site at www.theVEE.org  The clinic is run by Muse Audio Repair of Ann Arbor, in the rear of the Overture Audio store on Jackson Rd.   This show is in partnership with the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club's annual swap meet, so there will be extra vendors not usually at the "VEE" events.

"This is the first FULL "VEE" event since Covid caused us to cancel 5 shows" said Lilly, "this being an outdoor show and unheated open pole barns,  we thought this is the safest way to hold a show again...  the vendors are ready....  we think this will be a super show !"

The set up for the show is being provided by the Chelsea Scout Troup #476.  

This event is sponsored by the Michigan Antique Radio Club, a 501c1 non-profit organization. The club accepts donations of vintage electronics items as well and can pick up items if volunteers are available. See the event site www.theVEE.org for more info or contact :

Mark Oppat 734-502-3794 moppat@comcast.net
Jeff Lilly 248-602-7513 rackofhats@gmail.com
Vendor space contact: Michelle Dye 734-717-5660 or wd8iel@gmail.com

20501 W. Old US Hwy 12
Chelsea, MI 48170
United States

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