Investigative Author Will Present Findings on 1966 Dexter UFO Incidents


Ray Szymanski, courtesy Ray Szymanski

By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Renowned investigative author Raymond Szymanski will return to southeast Michigan this month to present his findings on the area’s famous March 1966 UFO incidents.

Dexter and Hillsdale College made national news 56 years ago with reports of strange lights in the sky and flying saucers. The government infamously detracted scores of credible eyewitness accounts by dismissing the incident as “marsh gas.” The actual events are a fascinating story of weird phenomena, Project Blue Book’s “investigation” and “explanation,” and subsequent public outcry.

Szymanski sets much of the story through the eyes of one of the Air Force pilots, Colonel Gary K. Carroll, sent up to pursue the unidentified flying objects. Through a series of interviews, Szymanski captured what it was like to be in the cockpit of that fighter jet alongside Col. Carroll as it observed and chased something inexplicable to the laws of physics over southeast Michigan that spring.

Szymanski is the author of the Alien Shades of Greys trilogy, which summarizes his examination of records, eyewitness reports, and interviews with people who have had UFO experiences. His latest book, Swamp Gas My Ass, specifically covers the events of southeast Michigan in March 1966. Within the book is a lengthy interview with Col. Carroll, one of the two Air Force pilots sent up to intercept the Unidentified Flying Objects.

Szymanski comes to Hillsdale Community Library on July 30, 2022, to dive deeper into those strange events that have captivated so many folks for so many years. The presentation begins at noon with no cost or registration.

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