Maps for Washtenaw Co’s New Political Districts


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

With the elections fast approaching, here’s a refresher on the new political districts for the core Sun Times News audience in western Washtenaw County. Below are cuts from the complete district maps for Michigan found at

Below are the districts for our congressional representative in Washington DC. The numbers are a little difficult to see. Washtenaw Co (blue) is US Congressional District 6. The yellow shading to the west and south is District 5. To the north (orange) is District 7.

Below is the map for our state representative in the Michigan House of Representatives in Lansing. Western Washtenaw Co is divided into four separate districts—33, 46, 47, and 48.

Below is the district map for our state senators representing us in Lansing. Washtenaw Co has two State Senate districts—14 & 15, with 14 covering the majority of western Washtenaw.

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