Places to Find Great Sweet Corn


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Aw, shucks! It’s sweet corn season! (which leads into cider mill preseason, which leads into autumn)

We like corn and have enjoyed it for a long time.

Wikipedia tells us that corn (maize) was first cultivated about 10,000 years ago in Latin America when, according to Michigan Tech, our Great Lake State had no great lakes and was still completely covered by glaciers.

Corn has come a long way since then, as has Michigan.

The King of Cereal Grains is so much a part of our lives that we’ve packed it into every crevice of our vernacular: cornhole, corndog, cornstarch, corn maze, cornrows, cornbread, cornhusker, corn whiskey, cornpone, cornmeal, cornball, candy corn, kettle corn, popcorn, acorn, barleycorn, peppercorn, unicorn, to name a few. Some folks have the misfortune of having a corn on their toe. If you’re a football fan, you might think of cornerbacks, although it doesn’t seem to be etymologically related to the grain.

We all seem to enjoy apples and orchards as a fall tradition. Summer sweet corn and farm stands are not far off of the same vibe. You can find fresh sweet corn at our farmers markets. We also asked folks on Facebook where they found the best corn and listed their favorite roadside stops.

So, if you’re looking for something new to do, something fresh and unusual, take a tour of the area’s corn stops. You’re sure to find it (cough, cough) amaizing!

Chelsea Farmers Market: Sat. 8-1 pm Palmer Commons, Wed. 1-5 pm, corner of Old US-12 & Main St

Dexter Farmers Market: Sat. 8-1 pm, Tue. 2-6 pm, Alpine St.

Saline Farmers Market: Sat. 8-12 pm, 100 S. Ann Arbor St.

From Facebook (as posted)

  • Wagon on Dex AA road and Maple, at the Ahmos restaurant parking lot
  • Alexander's on Whitmore lake and US 23
  • Fusilier Farms on M-52, about 2 miles south of I-94
  • Chambers on M36 Pinckney. Big wagon to help yourself
  • Ruhlig's on Island Lake Rd
  • the one on Luick Rd--the one with a sign on the corner of Jackson and Luick!
  • Jacob's Fresh Farm will have sweet corn in 2-3 weeks
  • Pregitzer farm, at the Wednesday farmer's market
  • I don’t know the name, but when you’re headed west on Scio Church right before you get to 52, (20920 Scio Church) Best sweet corn!!
  • Tantre farm
  • It's not necessarily close by, but no one's list in the Metro Detroit area would be complete without Blocks in Romulus!
  • Ives Farm, Jackson MI
  • 5H Farms in South Lyon
  • Bud’s in Belleville, hands down
  • There’s usually 2 trailers out with fresh picked corn on Saline Ann Arbor going into Saline.

Thank you to all who commented. Have fun shucking!

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

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