Chelsea Beefs Up Security Around Its Utilities


Chelsea has three electrical substations powering the City. This one is on Garfield St. Image: Google.

By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Chelsea’s utilities are getting some added security.

Electrical Superintendent Chuck Stephens presented a motion to City Council at its July 18 meeting requesting the purchase of surveillance equipment for Chelsea’s utility sites.

The Council approved the request for a price of $72,941.85. The cost for the security cameras is a budgeted item for this fiscal year.

The equipment will be purchased from Security Pros LLC. Security Pros won the bid primarily due to no ongoing monthly charges for upkeep and monitoring. A representative from the company told the Council that any further costs would be maintenance related.

In response to Councilmember Wiseley’s question about who would monitor the surveillance, Mr. Stephens explained the police would be watching the screens, and the department heads would receive any alerts. The security system is the same as CPD, integrating all city locations into one system.

Councilmember Wiseley also asked Mr. Stephens what prompted the purchase and installation of the cameras. Stephens pointed to natural causes of power outages such as squirrels or tree branches, and these could be monitored at the electrical substations with the cameras. He also explained that his department continues to install preventive measures such as squirrel wrapping on poles around the city.

Wiseley summarized Stephens’ answer as, “It’s going to give you security, and it’s going to improve the way you function, correct?” Stephens agreed.

Continuing with the possible vandalism that Mr. Wiseley may have been hinting at, Mayor Pacheco asked, “In terms of the non-animal security, we are seeing need for the security around certain buildings that has had some vandalism, is that correct?”

“Correct,” replied Stephens.

“The other thing is catalytic converters,” said City Manager Roy Atkinson. “A lot of thefts lately around the region. So this is a really good thing for our operations.”

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