Marijuana Business In Saline Passes Planning Commission

Image Image Credit: Zenkyphoto

At least one applicant in the long line of businesses applying to set up recreational and medicinal marijuana operations in Saline made progress at the Saline Planning Commission, Wednesday evening. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the Saline City Council approve the application from Compassionate Advisors LLC to turn 813 West Michigan Avenue into a new marijuana business.

“They approved us at this stage, making it subject to conditions which they deem to be appropriate, and, frankly, we deem to be appropriate,” the applicant, Martin Stoneman, told the Sun Times News in an interview by phone.

The initial application was delayed to provide time to conduct a traffic study. The parking lot that the building shares with an adjacent property, however, is not quite big enough to provide parking for peak business hours and staff, leading to the following conditions.

The site plan as submitted to the Saline Planning Commission. Image Credit: Shafer Development

The five conditions, according to Community Development Director Ben Harrington, are:

  1. That the parking agreement between the parcels with address at 783 West Michigan Ave and 813 West Michigan Avenue be formally recorded with the County and submitted to the Planning Commission prior to final site plan review.
  2. That the proposed land-use will not exacerbate the parking non-conformity that exists on the site.
  3. That employees of the applicant park their vehicles on the parcel with the address of 783 West Michigan Avenue.
  4. That the applicant submits a proposal for directional signage indicating to patrons that they can park on either parcel.
  5. That should the parking easement for whatever reason be terminated, that the site plan and SLU shall be subject to review and could be repealed at the discretion of the Planning Commission.

The two lots border each other, adjacent to the southeastern corner of the intersection of Michigan Avenue and River Oaks Boulevard. Both lots are owned by the same family, according to the applicant, who expressed confidence that the conditions should not be a problem.

This company is in the process of opening multiple locations across the state, and is expecting to employ 15 to 20 people at this location. Five to six of them will be full time and the rest will be part time, according to Stoneman. The next step will be when they go before the Saline City Council on Monday for final approval.

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