STN Response to the Recent Shameful Email/Post Circulated in Chelsea

Recently, a deplorable, faux-support letter for Chelsea School Board candidates Glenn Fox and Kate Henson was posted and emailed around Chelsea. The letter wrongly included other community members' names as well. The apparent intention was to damage Mr. Fox’s and Ms. Henson’s campaigns. All candidates have since condemned the post. It was published in the Sun Times News community section on our website. We removed it as soon as we were notified. However, screenshots of the post continue to circulate on social media. The images could be misunderstood as the STN making the comments. We are not.

The post was made in the community section of our website, a page featuring a public podium for people to express their views. According to the legalities of our website platform, community posts are not pre-approved by the STN. Nor can we edit them. We can only delete them. The STN encourages followers to continue using the community platform. We expect contributors to express themselves with civility and respect. We believe the best way for us to stand against such behavior as described above is to continue meaningful and civil dialogue unfazed and unmoved.

By the nature of our work, the STN appreciates a unique vantage point to the many viewpoints in our communities. And despite the sad behavior of some loud, bad actors, our faith in the good people who make up the overwhelming majority of our coverage area remains unwavering.

For more insight, we encourage you to take the time to read Chelsea educator Adam Schilt’s excellent response posted in the STN community section, Shameful political propaganda posted at local gas station

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