Cancer Support of A2 Explains Benefits of Yoga


A cancer diagnosis can bring on feelings of anxiety and stress. Implementing self-care, such as yoga, can assist with feeling grounded amid a busy schedule of daily life and treatment.

Yoga connects one’s mind and body through breathing techniques and meditation and has been shown to improve one’s quality of life and physical and emotional health. The practice of yoga promotes working at your own pace and provides a space for individuals to be in the moment and focus solely on themselves.

Yoga has been shown to help people manage the physical side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The side effects of cancer and its treatment can deter one from adding any form of movement into their routine, but various studies show that by participating in healthy lifestyle classes including yoga, individuals can reap great physical and emotional benefits.

There are several movements and stretches that, with the help of a licensed yoga instructor, can reduce pain and stiffness. Additionally, there are specific yoga postures that can target the abdomen and aid in managing nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. A reduction of these symptoms can lead to improved eating habits, sleeping and overall function.

The benefits of yoga can be substantial and aid in one leading a healthier life both during and post-cancer care. Be sure to speak with your doctor to ensure what yoga practice might suit you best.

The Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor provides free hybrid healthy lifestyle classes, including gentle yoga, Zumba Gold, Tai Chi , guided meditation, and cooking for wellness for anyone who has been impacted by cancer. To sign up, call 734-975-2500.


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