Spooky Stories, Part 2 of 4


By Michelle Colby, STN Reporter

Read this article to the tune of The House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals.  I am unable to disclose the location without the permission of the business, which I have visited often only to find that nobody is there...  Except maybe that ghost.  Article was printed in Issue 41, 10/12/22

There is a house in Dexter, Michigan

That has a Rising Sun

And it used to house a loving family

But now it’s owned by a business

Mother was afraid of the basement

And, so were the daughters

The father slept soundly and so did the son

And they enjoyed their man cave.

Now father wanted to buy a washer ’n’ dryer

But Mother preferred to drive to Ann Arbor

Religion spurred the belief that ghosts were a sin

But how do you explain the Holy Ghost?

It was awful and oppressing

Like something was right behind you

It chased the girls up those stairs

but the rest of the house was completely fine

In fact, it was quite friendly!  I have found that I have goosebumps,

Imagine you’re awake and watching TV

Your parents are sleeping only 10 feet away

When you hear those heavy, forboding, footsteps!

Thou shalt not ask about your experiences

For it would be considered a sin

But that didn’t stop Jen from checking those locks

That kept the good from the bad.

Will we ever learn who lived there before?

But it’s lucky the current business

They close before dark and may never know

The heavy footsteps that climb those stairs.


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