Spooky Stories, Part 3 of 4


By Michelle Colby, STN Reporter

Thank you Doug Marrin for suggesting I look in archives for old ghost stories.  Article appeared in issue 42, October 19, 2022 (with one error of leaving out one of the archive photos with title "Now").

Ghost’s Hollow

New Year’s Day, 1873

Almost 150 years ago

A quippy article, dated 01/10/1873, explains that a young man, trying to grow burnsides, travelled to Dexter to visit with his love interest. Unfortunately, he had to travel through the woods dubbed Ghost’s Hollow. M.F.G, the writer of this article, sure did have a way with words.

Fast forward to 12/26/1940, In a Then and Now article, written by Mrs. Flora E. Smith, the etiquette of dating during the 1870s was discussed, along with a recollection of the events that took place on that exciting New Year’s Day in 1873. Interestingly enough, the article mentions that the spirits of Ghost’s Hollow have since been rendered at peace.  

Images gathered from Dexter Library Archives.

The young gent lived less than 10 miles away.  Take a look at the map, with a 10 mile radius.
Does anyone know where these woods were… or are? And, why were they named Ghost’s Hollow?

Image from https://www.dextermi.gov/community/maps_and_location.php.
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