Harvest Elementary Medical Emergency Leaves Damage


Harvest Elementary School on Monday, November 14. Image Credit, Jerry Soranno.

An apparent medical emergency resulted in a school bus crashing into Harvest Elementary School, November 13. According to a press release from the Pittsfield Charter Township Department of Public Safety, a Saline Area Schools bus driver was operating a school bus for a non-school related event when the crash occurred.

Superintendent Steve Laatsch told the Sun Times News that the bus was being subcontracted for transportation uses by a private company and was in the high school parking lot when the incident happened. The bus drifted across to Harvest, where it then crashed into the side of the building.

“The bus driver, with no one else on the bus except himself, crossed over from the high school to Harvest. They are right across the street,” from each other, Laatsch said. The driver then “crashed into the front side of the building.”

The specific ailment that the unnamed 69 year old suffered was not released. Huron Valley Ambulance transported the Saline resident to a local hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition.

Image Credit, Jerry Soranno.

No one else was injured and “the school was unoccupied at the time of the crash” according to Pittsfield Township.

“We just had the special engineers over and it is really just impacting one classroom at this point, which is good news because it did not impact the structure of the second floor of the building or really anything outside of that one classroom,” Laatsch said.

Laatsch and other school officials concluded that the damage to the building is limited to just one classroom. While the classroom will be unusable, Laatsch said the rest of the building is in good enough of a condition to get students back into all classrooms except for the one effected. Students and teachers assigned to that classroom will be moved to another room.

It is too early to say how long it will take to repair the damage, or how much it will cost.

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