Ann Arbor Christian School Expanding to High School in August 2023


Ann Arbor Christian High School is an extension of the school’s mission of high-quality, faith-based education. Photo courtesy of A2 Christian

Area parents will soon have a new option for a private school at the high school level.

Ann Arbor Christian School on Whitmore Lake Rd. has offered pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade education for more than 30 years. In August 2023, the school will begin its new high school curriculum. The initiative has been in the works for a few years.

“Around 2015 and 2016, we started having some bigger conversations about, if we believe what we're doing up to grade eight, do we believe in it another four years,” says Wayne Sit, Head of School. “Families who come here are Christian looking for something that aligns well with what they teach at home and in their churches.”

Wayne Sit, Head of School, Ann Arbor Christian School. Photo by Doug Marrin

The new school isn’t just an opportunity for current students to continue their education at A2 Christian. Sit sees the expansion for new families to consider the school an option for their high school years.

“We’re hoping that other faith-based schools that end at grade eight, those families will see us as an option,” says Sit. “We also think there's a large homeschooling population that might be very intrigued that we're now a new option for them. We also feel like there's probably a population of Christian families in the public schools who are now looking for something different for their children.”

Sit sees this as an important consideration for families when choosing a school for their children, as they want to ensure that the school environment supports their family's values and positively influences their child's development.

A2 Christian's second campus is an expansive facility leased from Huron Hills Church on Glazier Way in Ann Arbor. Photo courtesy of A2 Christian

By emphasizing both a robust academic experience and a focus on Christian faith, A2 Christian believes it provides a unique educational opportunity for families seeking that type of educational environment. Students can benefit from an education that prepares them for college and career success and helps them develop a strong foundation of faith and values that can guide them throughout their lives.

“We're Christian School,” explains Sit. “First, focus on the word ‘school’ and everything you expect from any good school in terms of a great science curriculum, math curriculum, extracurriculars, and teachers who care. Everything that you want in a good school, we want to offer and provide here, and we think we do.”

“Our test scores are far above state and national average,” adds Sit. “We're a solid, legitimate school on all measures of a school. But we're also very clear we're a Christian school. It’s central to who we are as a school.”

High school begins in August 2023 with 9th grade only. Next year, 10th grade will be added, with 11th and 12th following successively in the following years. Photo courtesy of A2 Christian

A2 Christian is nondenominational when it comes to faith. However, Sit explains that the core tenets of the Christian faith work organically into conversations. For example, Sit described how when students study science, conversations of God as the designer of our world are woven into the lessons. In addition, the students attend Bible classes and chapel for a deeper grasp of the Christian faith, which is also put into practice.

“For example,” says Sit, “Instead of just getting the kids to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ when they have wronged someone, they’ll add, ‘Will you please forgive me?’”

“That language is a little deeper, a little more substantial,” adds Sit.

To create the high school, A2 Christian has set up a second campus on Glazier Way in Ann Arbor. Not only will they be able to accommodate more students in the new facility, but they can also expand their resources and strengthen their ties within the community.

In a release, the school states, “In addition, the school passionately believes that the unique leadership and learning opportunities of being part of a new high school will provide its students with something rare and “once-in-a-lifetime” that no other local high school can offer. It will foster an entrepreneurial, pioneering, and service-oriented mindset that is irreplaceable and that will serve them well in life beyond high school.”

A2 Christian believes its emphasis on fostering a pioneering, service-oriented, and Christian faith-based mindset can also be a valuable preparation for students as they move into their post-high school lives. These skills and attitudes can help students develop the confidence and resilience needed to succeed in college and careers and positively impact their communities.

For more information, contact the school at 734-741-4948 or

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