Michigan’s Famous ‘Swamp Gas’ Flying Saucers Gain International Interest


Dexter and Hillsdale College made national news 57 years ago with reports of strange lights in the sky and flying saucers. The incident still fascinates people worldwide.

The March 1966 UFO sightings in Dexter Township drew national attention then. However, the government infamously detracted scores of credible eyewitness accounts by dismissing the incident as “marsh gas,” hoping to quell public interest. Flying saucers were one of the most highly classified military secrets until recently. That secrecy began to fade when the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Security) issued a preliminary report on flying saucers in June 2021.

See: https://www.dni.gov/files/ODNI/documents/assessments/Prelimary-Assessment-UAP-20210625.pdf

With the declassification of U. S. military UFO information, the interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, a.k.a. Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrials, has been reignited. Many people now wonder, “What’s going on up there?”

Canadian cable channel Cottage Life’s latest original series Mission Unexplained hopes to provide some answers. Cottage Life’s recent press release states, “A monumental moment in the series occurs when the highest-ranked military official to ever share his story, Air Force veteran Gary Kent Carroll, breaks his silence after 55 years of secrecy.” Colonel Carroll was one of two Air Force pilots charged with intercepting the UFO in Southeast Michigan in 1966.

That ‘monumental’ episode featuring Colonel Carroll is based upon the book, Swamp Gas My Ass, written by researcher, author, and Southeast Michigan native Raymond Szymanski. The episode will feature dozens of exclusive video clips from Szymanski’s original recorded interviews with Colonel Carroll and includes an appearance by Szymanski himself, who reveals updated information on the famous case.

Mission Unexplained will begin primetime airing weekly in Canada on Cottage Life on March 12, and then on Science Channel (a Discovery Inc network) in the U.S. beginning April 26th. It will then be up on D+ sometime after that.

For more information on Mission Unexplained, visit: https://blueantmedia.com/2023/02/new-cottage-life-original-series-mission-unexplained-further-ignites-national-discussion-surrounding-aerial-phenomena-and-the-existence-of-extraterrestrials/

Since the release of his latest book, Swamp Gas My Ass, Szymanski has been in increasing demand to appear on radio shows, podcasts, and at national UFO conferences. He recently appeared on the Road to Contact expert panel with UFO luminaries Richard Dolan, Stephen Bassett, Daniel Sheehan, and others.

Szymanski is considered one of the country's leading ufologists, often contributing to forums with other experts in the field.

In August 2023, Mr. Szymanski will be a speaker at the MUFON International UFO Symposium to be held at the Covington, KY, Convention Center, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. He will also serve on an alien abduction experts panel during that event.

For additional information on the symposium, visit: https://mufonsymposium.com/

Mr. Szymanski can be contacted at itsaufo@yahoo.com

Photo: Author Ray Szymanski. Courtesy Ray Szymanski.

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