Easy Ways to Protect Your Mental Health Daily


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As mental awareness increases, demand for help increases as we look for ways to help ourselves and those close to us.

According to new data from the Center of Disease Control says “1in5 adults in the US who have had Covid-19 still have so called long term covid symptoms. These are define as symptoms that lasted 3-5 months. These include fatigue, shortness of breath. problems concentrating and brain fog. Some suffer from depression or anxiety about the future. “

No matter your circumstance, you probably know of someone or live with someone who is affected by mental illness, from depression, anxiety, to feelings of unworthiness as well as paranoia just to name a few. Some families are caring for love ones 24/7 and it is very exhausting. Some loved ones are not even properly diagnosed which results in more mental stress and anxiety. It can leave us wondering how to manage through such a challenging part of life.

A healthy mentality begins with self-care. Experts agree that we cannot take care of those close to us until we are strengthened and healthy ourselves. Experts’ advice can be summarized into a few things you can do to help prepare yourself for the daily challenges of mental illness while assisting loved ones to experience a better quality of life.

Ways to strengthen yourself mentally and Physically

  1. Talk with a friend who understands what you are going through
  2. Get some rest this may require outside help
  3. inquire help from a therapist for yourself to keep your mind well
  4. Do your best to eat healthy meals even if its a smoothie
  5. Give yourself grace. Don’t blame yourself or your loved one
  6. Don't abandon yourself every time someone needs help
  7. Set boundaries that allow you to refresh your mind, body and spirt.
  8. Love your love one pass their illness.
  9. Journal your feelings, thoughts and concerns
  10. Train your mind to think positive and be hopeful for better times ahead

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