Savor It


I look out my back window and see a fresh white snowfall glistening beautifully, brightening the dark sky as it reflects the street lights. There is something so peaceful about the pure, unbroken snow; and I think to myself, “I need to commit this to memory, because it won’t always be this way.”

I remember the first time I told myself that phrase “it won’t always be this way, Joni”. It was when I felt the most alone in my marriage. There seemed to be something very wrong with the feeling of loneliness in a marriage. Unnatural, sad, and incredibly disheartening. It was then I knew I needed to make some real changes in my life - I wasn’t going to let it be that way anymore. That statement became my lifeline when more obstacles came my way.

When I was homeless and living out of my car, “it won’t always be this way Joni”.

When it was the height of conflict in the midst of my divorce, “it won’t always be this way Joni”.

When my bank account was at zero, “it won’t always be this way Joni”.

When my depression left me a walking zombie, “it won’t always be this way Joni”.

What I came to learn is that, while there were always going to be hard times, keeping that statement in mind helped me APPRECIATE all the beauty that did make its way into my life.

When two, near strangers, opened their home to me so that I didn’t have to sleep in my car anymore.

When I left the courthouse, for the last time, peace in my life was restored.

When I finally had a savings account and didn’t fear the calls from debt collectors.

When I could breathe like a human being again.

And of course, when I laid my head down in solitude, not loneliness.

I learned the value of a moment. And I have had some incredible moments since. Simple, beautiful moments. A long conversation with a friend. A hug from a loved one. A gift given. A kind word from a stranger. A dream coming true.

It won’t always be this way. I understand that. That beautiful, white, unbroken snow; will soon turn brown, get in our way, maybe even be a burden, causing difficulties in our lives. But until then, I just want to sit with its beauty for a bit. I want to make this moment a memory. I don’t want to forget seeing lightning and hearing thunder in the midst of a snow storm - how wild was that. I want to remember how this snow gave me more time with my kids as we cuddled up on the couch and watched movies together.

It won’t always be this way. So I am going to savor the good things in my life, and let the bad ones go!

If you need help getting through some of those bad moments in your life, reach out to me! I’d love to chat.

Joni Woods, ACC

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