Mother and Daughter Duo Inspire Creativity and Connect Families at Whitepine Studios


Joanne and Kaili

Embarking on a mission to unleash creativity and forge meaningful connections, Whitepine Studios emerges as a vibrant haven for art enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

One mother and daughter team Joanne and Kaili Dence, owner of Whitepine Studios located in Saline Michigan, has a special passion for art dedication helping others find their own creative spark has been the driving force behind Whitepine Studios. They have inspired countless students of all ages to explore their artistic talents and discover new ways to express themselves. Kaili takes great pleasure in painting all things from the animal kingdom including paintings of beloved family pets.

“Kaili's creativity and talent have been an integral part of our studio's success.” says Joanne, "Working alongside my daughter has been an inspiration. “Together collaborating and developing programs that ensure the level of service is nothing less than the best.”

Joanne and Kaili have created a welcoming and inclusive space where aspiring artists of all abilities can come together to learn, create, and grow. From monthly caregiver and preschooler classes to customized birthday parties and private events, Whitepine Studios offers something for everyone.

By Kaili Dence viabrant oil painting

As a mother and co-owner of a small business, I asked Joanne, "How do you balance your family and work responsibilities, and what advice would you give to other working mothers? She says,

"Prioritize, organize, and leverage tools and resources available to you.”

Whitepine Studios is truly a family business. They are fortunate to bring complementary skills to the business. Kaili is the artist and Creative Director. Son Tyler and husband Randy work with a diverse skill set that balances the workload.

By Kaili Dence drawing her and her horse. 

Whitepine Studios strive to become a thriving cultural destination in downtown Saline.

Through their partnership with 109 Cultural Exchange, they aim to create a vibrant art community that attracts artists and art enthusiasts from surrounding areas.

Whitepine Studios will help you unleash your creativity, find inspiration, and have fun. Come and let the artist inside you thrive at Whitepine Studios.

For more information call 734-330-2079.

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