Embrace the Outdoors: Chelsea Soccer Club Announces 2023-24 Season Tryouts


Summertime is upon us, a perfect opportunity for children to abandon digital screens and embrace an active lifestyle.

Sports can be a great way to foster an active lifestyle and promote health and wellness. Soccer, in particular, offers a unique combination of excitement, camaraderie, and physical exertion that can keep kids fit, healthy, and, most importantly, entertained throughout the summer months.

Training children in soccer is a demanding but immensely fulfilling task. The challenge lies in developing a training program suited to the team's age and capabilities, which is instructive and enjoyable. However, the ultimate goal is to make soccer enjoyable for the children. The more fun they have, the more they invest in training and the longer they continue playing the game. To learn more about Chelsea Soccer Club and how to register for the 2023-24 Season Tryouts, please visit www.chelseasoccerclub.org.

Director of Coaching Matthew Clarke shared his thoughts, "At Chelsea Soccer Club, my journey as a coach was not solely fueled by the positive experiences I had in the sport, but also by the negative ones. It was those moments that inspired me to ensure that every child has a remarkable and positive relationship with soccer. As a coach, I am committed to creating an environment where kids can thrive, fostering a love for the game while instilling values of integrity, respect, competition, and fun. Together, we strive to make soccer a source of joy, growth, and lifelong memories for every player who steps onto the field."

Soccer's popularity among children and their parents is undeniable. It's a game that transcends culture and language, appealing to children for its simplicity, teamwork, and the sheer joy of playing. For parents, it offers a way to keep their children physically active, promotes social skills, and cultivates a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and discipline.

In a release, D&B Strategic Marketing announces, "In the 2022/23 season, over 200 kids compete on over 20 teams in the Chelsea Soccer Club. In addition, seven teams will travel to Traverse City on May 20 to compete in the Cherry Capital Cup. Travel teams participate in one tournament per season, providing an excellent experience for bonding, fun competition, and exposure to many different teams and levels of play.”

Reflecting on a Mother’s Day spent watching soccer, parent and Chelsea Soccer Club board member Virginia Krueger shares, “My son gave me a hat trick for Mother’s Day! He is graduating this spring and started playing soccer in the sixth grade - his teammates have remained some of his closest friends. His development as a player was remarkable, going from a novice player to one of the team captains for the high school team this year where he was awarded All District and All Conference honors. We couldn’t be happier with our Club experience.”

Are you considering exploring soccer this summer? The club will host a summer camp from July 31 to August 4, open to children from kindergarten to 12th grade. In partnership with the Chelsea School District and Community Education, the Club is dedicated to providing every child, regardless of age or skill level, an opportunity to play soccer. So, mark Saturday, June 10, on your calendars –when teams will be formed for the upcoming 23-24 season. To register, visit chelseasoccerclub.org.

Photos courtesy of Chelsea Soccer Club

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