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As a relationship coach, I tend to get mistaken for a match-maker. To be fair, I love relationships and want to see everyone authentically and wholeheartedly loved and cared for! However, my giftings do not lie in the matchmaking talent.

Nevertheless, I am very passionate about seeing healthy and whole versions of people, in thriving relationships. To make that happen means doing a little (or maybe) a lot of work on yourself, your mental health, your emotional health, healing past hurts, cleaning up those chips on your shoulder so that you don’t go into your next relationship with one foot already out the door.

Because the dating world can be a dirty, nasty maze, and knowing who you are is the best way to make it through! It is all about self-awareness!

Im absolutely perfect the way that I am” is what I was told when I addressed an insulting text message sent to me by a stranger who tried to pick me up at the bar a few hours earlier. To be fair, I knew he was trouble from the beginning; however, I find that a man who knows what he wants and goes for it - an attractive quality.

All the same, NO ONE is quite prepared for deeply personal insults from someone you just met. It is these kinds of stories that flood the dating world and can really break people down. Giving them very little hope of finding authentic love and real connection.

I promise you, there is someone who understands what real love looks like. Love for their significant other as well as themselves! That is who you want in your life. In your corner, pursuing you!

So how prepared are you to meet that person?

I am recently single again and I know that what is most important to my future relationship is rechecking my own self-awareness! How am I doing? What negative thoughts have I allowed into my head space? What rejection am I feeling? What insecurities have been triggered? How can I get back to a healthy baseline?

Navigating the dating world can be challenging, and having a strong sense of self is crucial for a successful and fulfilling experience. Knowing who you are and what you want can help you make informed choices, set healthy boundaries, and find someone who aligns with your values and goals. Here are a few reasons why self-awareness is important in the dating world:

  1. Authenticity: Understanding yourself allows you to be authentic and true to who you are when you're dating. When you have a clear sense of your values, interests, and goals, you can present yourself honestly and attract people who appreciate you for who you are.
  2. Boundaries: Self-awareness helps you establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships. Knowing your limits and communicating them effectively can protect your emotional well-being and prevent you from getting involved in unhealthy or toxic dynamics.
  3. Compatibility: When you have a strong sense of self, you're more likely to attract and connect with individuals who are compatible with you. By knowing your values, interests, and aspirations, you can seek out partners who share similar outlooks and increase the likelihood of building a meaningful and lasting connection.
  4. Decision-making: Self-awareness provides a solid foundation for making better decisions in the dating world. When you understand your needs and desires, you can evaluate potential partners more effectively and make choices that align with your long-term happiness and fulfillment.
  5. Growth and development: The dating world can be an opportunity for personal growth and development. Knowing yourself allows you to reflect on your experiences, learn from them, and make adjustments as needed. It enables you to continuously evolve and become a better partner for yourself and others.

Remember, self-awareness is an ongoing process, and it's okay to explore and discover more about yourself along the way. Embrace the journey, learn from your experiences, and stay true to who you are as you navigate the dating maze.

Myself and a fellow relationship coach will be hosting LIVE Instagram events as we journey through the workbook - 31 Days of Single On Purpose by John Kim.

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Being emotionally and mentally prepared for your future relationships is the best gift you can give to yourself and your significant other!

Let me join you in your pursuit of self-awareness!

Joni Woods

Relationship and Communication Coach

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