Kamp Night Co | An Autumn Night Out Under the Stars


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One Saline mother has found a way to adjust her home-based business to social restrictions in a way that is enhancing the autumn experience for many families.

Saline resident Lindsay Winkler began her home business, Kamp Night Co, last year. She successfully found a market for a popular childhood activity – sleepovers.

“It was inspired by my childhood,” explains Lindsay. “I always thought that sleepovers were one of my best memories with my girlfriends, just to be able to hang out with your friends and have fun.”

Lindsay Winkler does all the setup and take down the next morning.

A Kamp Night Co sleepover involves teepee-style tents set up complete with mattress, sheets, and designer pillows all according to the selected theme. Lindsay provides the setup and the take-down the next morning.

Lindsay had herself a fun business, working out of her house, and business was steady right through the winter. But then, as everyone is all too well aware, a shutdown came. It was time to get creative, but for a couple of months, no amount of imagination could overcome the moratorium on social mixing. Like a lot of other enterprises, things stalled for Lindsay and Kamp Night Co.

Finding inspiration from other countries, she prepared for when kids could safely socialize again.

“I found that outdoor camping was more of a thing in places like the UK and Australia,” explains Lindsay. “A lot of families own their own tents and put them in the garden seasonally and enjoy them as an addition to their homes.”

The idea sprung to life in Lindsay’s thinking. With other businesses moving some operations outdoors during the pandemic, the same strategy could work for Kamp Night Co. Social safety precautions are largely built into the business model. Each child has their own protective unit, a tent. 

“Outdoors definitely has a uniqueness all its own,” says Lindsay. “Our tents are quite large, roughly 16’ in diameter, so it allows camping with family or friends quite comfortably and socially distanced.”

It is a unique way to experience fall outdoors. The sounds of the night as you fall asleep, perhaps a campfire with s’mores and stories, and the feel of the cool autumn night air while you’re warm in your sleeping bag is almost guaranteed to create stories for years to come.

The idea seems to be catching on.

“We’ve been booked steadily since late June,” says Lindsay.

You can find more on the Kamp Night Co Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kampnightco

All photos: Courtesy Lindsay Winkler

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