Chelsea Couple Glad to be Back at the Wellness Center


Photo: Bill and Susie Wescott at the Chelsea Wellness Center, Oct 2020

| 2 min | by Lori Kintz, 5 healthy Towns |

(Chelsea, MI) The Chelsea Wellness Center reopened its doors on Monday, September14, 2020, after a 6- month shutdown due to COVID-19.New safety procedures have been established to keep members and staff safe. In an interview this week with wellness center members Bill and Susie Wescott, Chelsea residents and wellness center members since 2003, I caught up with them at the wellness center and asked how the shutdown affected them personally. Here is what they shared:

What role does the wellness center play in your overall health and well-being?

Bill – For me, the wellness center has been a life-changing organization. I feel so much better after a solid workout – it helps me establish a routine and sets my day up for success. We were using the wellness center facilities 5/6 times per week prior to the shutdown. It was part of our daily routine.

Susie – The Chelsea Wellness Center is a game changer for me. I feel emotionally happier and more energetic when I can start my day there. Working out is important to me to keep my strength and prevent illness as I get older. We feel so very fortunate to have access to this great place.

When the wellness center closed due to COVID-19, how did you adjust? Were you able to keep up the momentum in different ways?

Bill – During the temporary closure, there was a big hole in my life. I not only lost my workout space, but also the social connections that went along with it. I really missed the pool and the light weights workout because I had no other way to get that at home. I tried to do measured walking, but I felt more alone and it really didn’t meet my needs. So my workouts suffered, and I felt a loss of routine that I had come to rely on.

Susie – Back in March, I told myself that I could keep my fitness routine going. But I soon found that I fell off the wagon. I tried YouTube videos for Pilates and yoga, even walking and biking to increase my heart rate, but it was simply hard for me to have the discipline I needed to keep up at home. Getting back on track has made me feel so much better.

Now that the wellness center has reopened, do you want to share anything with us or with the public?

Susie – In June I tried their outdoor programming and loved it. Now that it's fully reopened, I am so impressed with how thoughtful the staff is toward everyone to assure that new rules in the building are being followed at all times.

Bill – It’s funny, now that I’m back at the center, I feel like I am living more mindfully in the moment. It feels extremely safe to me – the fitness rooms are well laid out and there is plenty of space to stay distanced from others. The new pool signup schedule is especially great and I hope we can keep the new procedures even after COVID is gone; signing up for the pool in advance and knowing I have a swim lane when I arrive is a great plus.

Any closing comments?

Bill – I’d like to give a shoutout to Cindy at the Chelsea Wellness Center and Angela at the Dexter Wellness Center. Their leadership, kindness, and positivity filter down to all staff. To me, the wellness center is a home away from home. I’m grateful for all the planning that took place to reopen safely. And thank you, Amber, who greets us with a smile every time and always makes us feel welcome. It’s nice to return to some semblance of normalcy.

Susie – We realize everyone must make their own decisions about safety. Our quality of life is definitely better when we can use this valuable community resource while feeling completely safe. Our sincerest thanks go to the wellness center staff for all they've done and continue to do.

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