The Chelsea School District will honor former high school principal Ron Mead


The Chelsea School District is commemorating the Auditorium at Chelsea High School in honor of Ron Mead, a former CHS principal.

In his request to the school board, CSD Superintendent Michael Kapolka said “This memo is in reference to naming the Chelsea High School auditorium after former CHS principal, Ron Mead. Board policy 7250 speaks directly to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education within the district, and community. Ron Mead truly fits this description given his 19 years of dedicated service at Chelsea High School.”

The CSD Board of Education unanimously approved the request at its Aug. 7 meeting. As part of the commemoration, a plaque will also be placed at the auditorium to describe Mead’s accomplishments.

“Ron Mead's legacy at Chelsea High School is nothing short of exemplary,” Kapolka said. “Serving as the principal for an impressive 19 years, Ron played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the school. His commitment and dedication to the growth and well-being of the students, staff, and the overall school community were evident in every decision he made.”

One of Mead's significant contributions Kapolka cited was “his instrumental role in designing the ‘new’ high school, including the auditorium space. This auditorium has been a hub of creativity, talent, and inspiration for countless students over the years, and it stands as a testament to Ron's vision and leadership.”

“In particular, Ron's passion for the performing arts was a driving force behind the reconfiguration of the CSD music program and music booster organization,” Kapolka said. “He recognized the profound impact of arts education on the holistic development of students and tirelessly advocated for their artistic pursuits. Ron's support provided a platform for countless young musicians and performers to flourish, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.”

In wrapping up his request, Kapolka summed it up this way:

“Throughout my time working with Ron, I witnessed his unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that nurtured creativity, excellence, and growth not only in performing arts, but throughout each academic discipline. His boundless enthusiasm and belief in the potential of every student and staff member in this domain were truly inspiring.”

Kapolka said, “Naming the Chelsea High School auditorium after Ron Mead is an extraordinary way to recognize and honor his exceptional contributions to the district. His service to the CSD and specifically to CHS was nothing short of remarkable and truly special.”

In his request, Kapolka also included a few written statements from Mead’s colleagues:

“Naming the new Chelsea High School auditorium in honor of former principal Ron Mead seems wholly appropriate given the fact that Ron's positive influence and impact on the school, its staff, its students, and our Chelsea community is still felt regularly over a decade after his departure. During his tenure, Ron created a culture of high expectations, commitment to excellence, high character, and humility that permeated all aspects and extensions of CHS, whether academic, athletic, artistic, or otherwise. He accomplished this through the seemingly simplest of means: working hard, communicating clearly, showing respect, valuing interpersonal connection, cultivating relationships, and staying true to his vision and his values. Wherever these characteristics still abound in Chelsea High School, they are directly attributable to Ron's many years of service and sacrifice, and as our district moves forward, there is no better example to which we should all aspire than his.” John Zainea, English Teacher at CHS

“I was hired in 1997 by Ron Mead at Chelsea High School. He was a caring, firm, professional, and incredibly hard-working leader. He was the unquestioned face and leader of CHS. We were one year from opening the "new" Chelsea High School at that time. He put his touch on every detail of what would become a tremendous facility. He was an educational leader in every sense of the word. He empowered people to make decisions, held them accountable, and did everything with the students in mind. He showed great pride in doing things the right way. He held the respect of teachers, staff, and students alike. He was someone that cared about everyone within the school. He made time when you needed it and space to grow and learn when it was appropriate. When I think of "The Chelsea Way" I see Ron Mead. He is a special person that helped make Chelsea High School a special place.” Brad Bush, Assistant Director, Michigan High School Athletic Association

“I was a student at Chelsea HS when Mr. Mead became the principal at Chelsea High School. I was also hired by Mr. Mead as a teacher at Chelsea. What is so impressive to me about Mr. Mead is his professionalism, leadership skills, and how he values relationships. He believed in high academic standards as well as high achievement in Band, Athletics, and clubs and even higher standards regarding how students should act when representing Chelsea. Mr. Mead is what Chelsea is about. A tireless worker, making difficult decisions that were made in the best interest of the students, faculty, and community. I couldn't think of a better person to name the newly renovated auditorium after all he has given to the Chelsea School District.” Adam Taylor, Class of 1992, and Physical Education & Health Instructor at CHS

The current plan is to host a community concert on Saturday, October 14 (time to be determined) to re-open and commemorate the auditorium for Mr. Mead.

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