Timeline for Dexter-Chelsea/Main Roundabout in Dexter Unveiled


Intersection of Dexter-Chelsea Rd and Main St in Dexter. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Dexter City Manager Justin Breyer included an update for a much-anticipated traffic circle in his report to the city council on August 28th.

From Breyer’s report, a meeting held on Wednesday, July 19th, between the city and the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) unveiled a series of tentative plans for the proposed roundabout at Dexter-Chelsea Rd. and Main St. in Dexter.

Key Topics Discussed

Various issues were addressed during the meeting, ranging from coordinating road maintenance on Main St. and updating the city’s traffic signals to more technical aspects like a vehicle height detection system for the viaduct. Additionally, discussions were held around water and sewer main locations and proposed developments in the surrounding area.

Timelines Established

According to the schedule revealed, the following milestones have been laid out for the project:

  • Now:
  1. Finalizing Roundabout Geometry and preliminary design
  2. Coordinating utilities
  3. Public information meeting
  4. NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance
  • March 2024: Grade Inspection Plan Submittal
  • July 2024: Submission of Parcel Exhibits to the WCRC
  • July 2025: Right of Way Certification
  • July 2025: Final Plan Submittal
  • October/November 2025: Letting (the formal approval to proceed with construction)
  • 2026:
  • Public Involvement

    A public information meeting is planned to get input from residents and business owners whom this project will impact. Dates for this meeting are yet to be announced.

    Future Developments

    Utility coordination is a significant aspect of this project. Updates to the city’s traffic signals and utility systems, like water and sewer mains, are scheduled to be carried out in sync with the roundabout construction to minimize disruption.

    Photo by Doug Marrin

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