Sylvan Township recognizes its clerk and creates a new position


2020 hasn’t been an ordinary year. From a big election to the COVID pandemic, this year has stood out and for some it’s required them to go above and beyond.

This is evident when looking at what local township/city clerks have had to take on in order to deliver much needed government services during a challenging time.

Sylvan Township Clerk Kathleen Kennedy is a good example of this.

Her service, which has gone above and beyond, was recognized by the township board on Nov. 10 with a bonus.

Kurt Koseck, who has been serving as township supervisor until the newly elected one can come in, said at the Nov. 10 meeting the board agreed that the Clerk took on extra duties and a one-time extra payout of $3,000 should be approved in recognition.

In his report to the other township board members, Koseck said COVID has led to the need for a COVID coordinator and the elections saw a record number of absentee ballots issued and taken in to be counted.

The clerk handled both of these areas.

“These extra hours of work should be recognized as going above and beyond the normal hours associated with statutory duties,” Koseck said in his report. “One of the most challenging elections was executed without flaw. A one-time bonus should be considered.”

In another decision, the township board created a new position called the Project Manager, which is designated as an on needed basis role.

One task of this position would be, if there is a big project (developer issues or problems), then the project manager can be asked to follow-up on the problem.

In his recommendation report to the township board, treasurer Rod Branham said Koseck should be selected for this position and be paid a $25 per hour rate.

“We are in dire need of a project manager and Kurt has proven to take things on and get the job done,” Branham said in his report.

Branham said the township has kicked the can down the road in addressing this need and now it’s needed to help the township catch up. He said Koseck has the skill set to take on this job.

The project manager would handle current and future development projects.

Koseck was recently re-elected to another term as a board trustee.

Because of the creation of the project manager position and its duties, the township also decided to shift who the Zoning/Planning Administrator reports to. Now that person will report to the project manager, where before it was the supervisor. 

Both roles (project manager and zoning/planning administrator) will work together in addressing development projects.

The project manager will report to the township supervisor when needed.

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