Chief Toth Submits October 2020 Police Report to City Council


| 2 min | by Doug Marrin |

Chief Toth summarized his report with the following:

  • Chelsea officers responded to 211 calls for service.
  • Policed 10 traffic crashes.
  • Effected 6 traffic stops.
  • Issued 1 citation.

“That citation was in a school zone where an individual passed a bunch of buses over on McKinley,” explained the Chief. “We cannot have that type of driving behavior in school zones.”

Of the 32 cases in the criminal justice system, 13 have been authorized by the prosecutor, 9 are under review, 2 have been denied, and 8 are under current investigation.

Chief Toth described the armed robbery that occurred in Chelsea on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

“Last night at 8:11, we had a significant incident take place in the 1100 block of South Main Street. An individual was taking money from an ATM. As they proceeded to their vehicle, the subject came up and robbed them. That person ran across the street over to the parking lot between the Valiant and the bank, got into a dark-colored minivan, and proceeded south.”

According to the Chief, at least two people were in the van. The police are in the process of obtaining and examining video from the bank and nearby establishments. Chief Toth asks anyone who may have any information about the robbery to contact the police.

The Chief pointed out to the Council that the police respond to many calls that are not criminal but medical emergencies. After recounting several recent calls, Chief Toth said he was present during one of the calls, a cardiac arrest, and had this to say about the response teams.

“Seeing our fire department, the police, and EMS in action, in a highly stressful situation, it was very impressive to see the life-saving efforts of public safety here in town.”

Regarding the police incident at the Pierce Park protest last summer, Chief Toth told the Council that charges would be filed, but he has not seen the documents yet and could not speak about the exact charges.

The written report shows October 2020’s 211 calls for service is down from 349 a year ago for a 40.1% decrease.

An audio recording of the entire City Council meeting, including Chief Toth’s report, is posted on the City’s website, as well as the printed police report for October 2020.

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