Retail Rivals in Tragical Comedy “Romeo and Winifred” Turn Tragedy into Laughter Nov. 10-11


In a world where Elizabethan drama meets modern-day retail rivalry, CAP Jr., the effervescent youth theater company of the Chelsea Area Players, is all set to tickle your funny bone with their latest offering, "Romeo and Winifred, A Tragical Comedy in Two and a Half Acts." Get ready to witness a Shakespearean classic transformed into a whirlwind of hilarity and unexpected turns. The curtains rise at the George Prinzing Auditorium, Washington Street Education Center, with performances slated for November 10-11 at 7 p.m. and a matinee on November 12 at 2 p.m.

Imagine the busy streets of today's New York City. Here, two rival clothing stores – the upscale Montagues Department store and the budget-friendly Capulets Discount Mart – not only compete in business but also indulge in a fierce battle of words. Amidst this comical hostility, love blooms between Romeo and Winifred, the young heirs of these feuding retail empires. As expected, romance ensues, but hold your horses – this story takes a detour from the path of tragedy.

In a delightful twist, "Romeo and Winifred" swaps duels for uproarious pie fights, introducing characters like a nurse with a peculiar obsession for paper cuts. An absurd yet brilliant parody of literature's most romantic balcony scene will have the audience questioning their knowledge of the Bard's tragic tale. Tragedy is off the table in this play.

Director Alex Moore, with a background in teaching middle school English and a profound love for Shakespeare, shared her excitement: “I used to teach middle school English, and one of my favorite subjects to teach was Shakespeare. So, when I found this parody, my inner English teacher jumped for joy at being able to introduce all our cast members, to the joys of Shakespeare." Moore highlights that despite the play's comedic angle, it skillfully introduces students to Shakespearean classics, incorporating renowned lines, iambic pentameter, and even a “death” scene or two.

"I’ve loved seeing the students’ enthusiasm and am always so proud and amazed at what they can accomplish,” Moore adds, reflecting on the journey and growth of her vibrant cast.

This comical take on Shakespeare is more than just a play; it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, fun, and a fresh perspective on a timeless story. If you're in for a night where laughter echoes and love stories end on a cheerful note, grab your tickets for "Romeo and Winifred." They are conveniently available for just $10 at Chelsea Pharmacy, 1125 South Main St., or await you at the door.

Get ready to be enthralled by the magic of Shakespeare, reimagined with a generous dose of mirth and modern jest. It's not just a play; it's an experience that promises to leave you chuckling all the way home.

To learn more about CAP Jr., visit their website at

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