Open Enrollment Now Open for Unprecedented Health Coverage Opportunities


The Affordable Care Act annual enrollment period is open from Nov 1, 2023, to Jan 16, 2024 giving residents a way to secure affordable health insurance for the coming year.

With a notable decline in health insurance costs under the Health Insurance Marketplace, this year marks a crucial opportunity for both new and current enrollees seeking adjustments in their health plans.

The Washtenaw Health Project, a community cornerstone in advocating health insurance literacy, is a nonprofit that offers free local assistance in providing guidance through the complexities of health insurance selection and enrollment processes. "Most people now qualify for discounts that help substantially lower their monthly health insurance costs," emphasized Meredith Buhalis, highlighting the groundbreaking affordability in 2024's health insurance landscape.

A significant shift in policy, primarily driven by the American Rescue Plan and further supported by the Inflation Reduction Act, renders 2024's Marketplace coverage more accessible than ever. Uninsured individuals in Michigan are now predominantly eligible for health plans costing as little as $10 per month, with many qualifying for completely cost-free plans. This shift also extends benefits to those previously ineligible due to higher income brackets.

Amidst these significant changes, Buhalis advises current enrollees to reassess their plans. "People should keep in mind that health insurance plans and prices change year to year, as do our health needs," Buhalis advised, urging a thorough comparison of 2024 plans to ensure optimal personal health coverage.

Enrollment through guarantees extensive coverage, safeguarding against the exclusion or additional costs due to pre-existing conditions. However, Buhalis warns against "junk insurance" products sold outside the official marketplace, known for their deceptive marketing and limited coverage scope.

This enrollment period is particularly critical for individuals transitioning from Medicaid or MIChild coverage following the pandemic's Medicaid redetermination process. With many losing Medicaid coverage, the Marketplace plans, aided by financial assistance, present a timely solution for continued healthcare security.

For assistance and more information: Visit, call 734-544-3030, or email Located at the Washtenaw County Human Services Building, 555 Towner Street, Ypsilanti.

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