The Crazy Diamond is OPEN, and We Bet You Are Curious!


Lynae MacLellan, owner of The Crazy Diamond. Photo by Julia Cuddy Photography.

By Chuck Colby, STN Editor

Lots of Chelsea folks have gotten to know Lynae MacLellan, over the past several years, as the owner and main hairdresser at The Devil’s Haircut. But chronic lower back pain caused by hours of keeping her arms elevated to color and cut has forced this talented woman to explore PLAN B, as she calls it. The embodiment of Plan B is opening The Crazy Diamond, a social club in Chelsea, now occupying the downtown space previously known as Wines on Main.

Guests will be pleased with a vast selection of wine, beer, and mixed drinks. While food is not directly offered from The Diamond, a deal has been struck with neighboring restaurant The Brahma Haus and chef Traver Lucas to serve food ordered from the restaurant’s menu in the club. Trust me - try the Naana Falafel!

Among the drinks being offered are bottles of wine from vintner Charles Smith Wines, who MacLellan once almost worked for. “I don’t agree with the restaurant mentality of “Pay for your bottle with the first glass'. There’s nothing that infuriates me more than going out for dinner and paying $7 for a glass of wine, when the bottle costs $7 at the store. Most glasses of wine will be $4 for members.”

Meet the team: Lynae MacLellan, owner (center) Amanda Menzel, General Manager (right) and Rachel Bell, Event Coordinator (left). Photo by Julia Cuddy Photography.

Paid membership is available to those already in MacLellan’s network and also comes through introduction. You literally have to be “IN” to get a membership, but there are hours open to the public from 3-6 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. “I don’t want this to be a place for visitors or tourists, and that differentiates us from pretty much every other place in town. It’s closed to the public except for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. This place is built for Chelsea and the people
of Chelsea
. When you come in, we know your name, you
bring friends, we’re going to know their names, too,
before you leave.” The Diamond will be available for event
hosting and parties for members. There are currently
135 members, and people banging at the door to get in,
literally every day.

“It’s more than drinks...” explained MacLellan, “Most
of the art that you see (indicating the walls covered with swanky art pieces of many mediums) is all local or
regional Michigan. A lot of artists lost their markets and
a lot of artists aren’t good at that part. I can help them to
connect with buyers, letting artists be artists, and I can
help them with the business side of their transactions.”
There are also locally crafted candles available for
purchase, with proceeds benefitting Roy Marchetti’s
(candle creator) Special Olympics Team.

Why The Crazy Diamond? MacLellan explains that it is
a tribute to Pink Floyd, particularly one of the original
members, Syd Barrett. Barrett dealt with mental illness
throughout his adult life, and had to leave the band due to
his struggles. “I don’t think I know too many people who
don’t have some sort of mental health issue, it’s such a big
issue in society” said MacLellan. Shine on!

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