Chelsea Police Report, June 2021


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Chelsea Police Chief Ed Toth submitted his report for June to the City Council at its July 19, 2021 meeting.

In his oral report, Chief Toth thanked Sheriff Clayton and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office for providing the Honor Guard at the funeral of former Chelsea Police Chief Lenard McDougall.

Chief Toth shared a story about his first day on the job as new Police Chief. “I’m the new Police Chief. I come in my first day. When I go out, I’ve got a ticket on my car. Well, I was parked in a three-hour limit. And one thing you knew about Mac, nobody is above the law – zero. So, I paid my five dollars and figured out where the 24-hour parking was. He’s certainly going to be sorely missed.”

Toth reported that his department has hired a part-time dispatcher. They still have a part-time dispatcher position open. “If anybody is a certified officer, retired recently, or someone who’s got certified recently, the application is online (through the City’s website),” said the Chief.

Of the CPD’s 49 cases in June, eight are closed, five are under review by the prosecutor, seven are at the lab, and 29 remain open.

CPD received 200 calls for service. Officers responded to twelve traffic crashes, nine of which were on Main St. Officers conducted four welfare checks and no call for the Cares Team mental health assist this month.

June 2021 closely parallels June 2020 in the numbers and types of calls received.
Assisting citizens was almost half of the miscellaneous calls.
BOL (Be On the Lookout) led the non-criminal calls
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