2020 Census Numbers for Western Washtenaw Communities


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

The 2020 Census results are out. SEMCOG (South East Michigan Council of Governments) has tabulated the following initial findings, edited to reflect western Washtenaw County.



Household Population: A household includes all people who occupy a housing unit. People not living in households are classified as living in group quarters.

Group Quarters Population: The group quarters population includes all people not living in households. Two general categories of people in group quarters are recognized: 1) the institutionalized population which includes people under formally authorized, supervised care or custody in institutions at the time of enumeration (such as correctional institutions, nursing homes, and juvenile institutions) and 2) the noninstitutionalized population which includes all people who live in group quarters other than institutions (such as college dormitories, military quarters, and group homes).

Total Population: Total of Household and Group populations.


  • Manchester Village, Freedom Twp, and Lyndon Twp show a steady decline in total population since 2000.
  • Bridgewater Twp has declined in population since 2010 to less than 2000 numbers.
  • Dexter City, Lima Twp, and Saline Twp have experienced dramatic growth since 2000.
  • Chelsea, Dexter Twp, and Pittsfield Twp have experienced strong growth since 2000.



  • All municipalities show an increase in the percentage of adults and a decrease in the percentage of children in their populations since 2000. This is true for SE Michigan and Washtenaw Co as well.
  • Lima Twp, Saline Twp, and Sylvan Twp show an increase in the number of children since 2010. All other municipalities show a decrease in the number of children.



  • The percentage of the Non-Hispanic White population has decreased in all municipalities since 2010. This is true for SE Michigan and Washtenaw Co also.
  • Since 2010, the Non-Hispanic Black population has decreased in Dexter City, Bridgewater Twp, Lima Twp, Lyndon Twp, Scio Twp, Washtenaw Co, and SE Michigan.
  • Since 2010, the Non-Hispanic Asian population has increased in SE Michigan and in all but two of western Washtenaw Co municipalities.
  • Since 2010, The Hispanic population has increased in all municipalities, SE Michigan, and Washtenaw Co.

Image credit: SEMCOG

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