Why Some Yard Waste Gets Picked Up. Why Some Doesn’t.


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Chelsea City Manager John Hanifan took time at the City Council meeting on September 20, 2021, to explain some recent issues regarding curbside brush and leaves pick-up.

Mr. Hanifan explained that as a courtesy, the DPW had taken bags that contained the wrong things. “Folks have gotten used to that expectation, that we pick up grass clippings and some of the things that we say that we won’t,” said Hanifan.

He asked listeners to be mindful of that. He also stated that in discussion with DPW, the City intends to continue the curbside pick-up but only for the acceptable items. Mr. Hanifan pointed to the list of acceptable pick-up items posted on the City’s website.

Hanifan explained that some bags had been picked up and others have not because of what was inside. “If you put the stuff in the bags that you’re supposed, they’re really not going to weigh very much,” he said. “But when our crews roll up to the curb, and the bag is unusually heavy, ten times out of ten, it’s full of dirt or stuff that’s not supposed to be in there.”

Typical items found in the brown paper bags are plastic hanging planters and empty plastic flats from planting flowers. “That really fouls up the grinding process, and that’s from the company we contract with to do the grinding,” said Hanifan.

“So, I understand folks’ frustration,” he added. “Sometimes the social media train runs ahead of all of us, but we’re going to continue collecting. I want to be clear on that.”

Hanifan also stated that the City would explore different possibilities for the disposal of grass clippings so that it might begin collecting those in the future.

Photo: pxfuel.com

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