Chelsea Police Report, September 2021


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Chelsea Police Chief Ed Toth submitted his report for September 2021 to the City Council at its October 18 meeting.

Chief Toth reported that officers responded to 214 calls for service. Of those, 14 were traffic crashes, 10 were traffic stops, and six citations were issued. Significant cases included one sudden death, one adult suicide, one assault and battery, one stalking, three larceny, three auto thefts, one fraud, and one identity theft.

The 214 calls were down 3.2% from September 2020, which received 220 calls for service. Total calls for the year are 1,794, down 16.8% from last year, which had 2,152.

Of the CPD’s 75 cases for September, 42 are open, three are at the lab, three are at the Prosecutor’s Office, and 27 have been closed.

Chief Toth reported the body camera policy is being updated. Training for the cameras and tasers is underway.

The Chief took a few minutes to respond to a criticism voiced during the public comments at the previous council meeting. The speaking person stated that they had filed six citizen complaints against the department, and none were taken.

“So, I know of nothing like that,” explained Toth. “There’s a difference between a service complaint, which is a policy and procedure violation, or alleged policy and procedure violation and is a crime.”

“Those service complaints are how you’re treated by the officers when they come to your residence,” added Toth. “Did they treat you fairly, or didn’t they? Did they investigate your complaint thoroughly or not?”

Chief Toth then said that his best guess regarding the public comment might have to do with a protest outside of the police station last February 19.

“I want to clarify that we did take the complaints from the citizens,” continued Chief Toth. “We documented them in a report. I went out to talk to the group and gave the press release. But what I was confronted with was ‘Surround him, Surround him,’ which is fine. They have a right to do that also.”

The Chief then gave the report number for that incident, 21-297, and invited anyone who would like a copy of it to request so using the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) through the City Office.

“I’ll do a quick synopsis of the complaints,” said Toth. “Basically, the complaints boil down to two points. Chief Toth should dismiss all impeding traffic tickets that were involved in the marches. And if he doesn’t, he should be fired.”

“That is not a service complaint as to how someone is treated,” clarified the Chief. “That gets generated, put in our computer, and that’s where it goes. This is not a service complaint.”

“When somebody comes up in public comment and makes that kind of accusation that’s not true, I just don’t think we’re getting any better,” said Chief Toth. “We want to work together to try and make this department the best that it can be. But that didn’t sit real well with me because that’s not what we’re about.”

“If we’re really going to be part of a solution, we need to work together in a positive manner and not constantly over and over attack the police department for things that did not happen,” concluded Toth.

The Chief of Police emphasized that there has never been a complaint against an officer’s behavior that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated in his time with Chelsea Police.

Complaints by department
Miscellaneous complaints broken down by category
Non-criminal complaints broken down by category

Below is a link to the detailed CPD call log for September 2021.

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