Sylvan Township waits on its attorney for help with some big decisions


A few big decisions are on hold in Sylvan Township as the township board waits for its attorney’s help in finalizing some parts of potential separate agreements between the township, developers and the city of Chelsea.

At its Nov. 9 meeting, in addition to a full meeting agenda, the Sylvan Township Board had a few agenda items to review with a possible decision to be made, but couldn’t do so at that time because there’s still some work to be done, according to township supervisor Kathleen Kennedy.

These include: a franchise agreement with Chelsea; a transfer of 29 prepaid sewer and water taps from the 30 acres parcel owned by Lago Investments to Dan Veri/Chelsea Springs 2 Condominium Development per legal counsel agreement, and consideration of the proposed Development Agreement for Chelsea Square.

In her report explaining the franchise agreement agenda item, Kennedy said, “for consideration, an agreement with the City of Chelsea to provide water and sewer services per the Franchise Agreement to the 16 acre Chelsea portion of the Westchester project. If no document has been provided by the time of the meeting, this will be on a future agenda.”

Kennedy told the board and public at the Nov. 9 meeting that sadly they don’t have the document yet, which also applies to the next two agenda items. She said they are patiently waiting on the needed documentation, but they are hearing from the other parties involved of their hope to complete these final steps.

She emphasized the township attorney understands this and has had a busy schedule.

As some background for the franchise agreement, Kennedy said Sylvan and Chelsea made this agreement back in 2007.

The township ordinance pertaining to this states: an ordinance, granting to the Township of Sylvan, its successors and assigns, the right, power and authority to lay, maintain and operate sanitary sewer and water services, and to construct, maintain and commercially use water and sewer mains, pumps, grinders and any other equipment directly enlisted in the service of providing said water and sewer services on, along, across and under the highways, streets, alleys, bridges and other public places, and to do a local water and sewer business in a specifically described area in the City of Chelsea, Washtenaw County, Michigan for a period of thirty years.

For the prepaid sewer and water taps, Kennedy’s report explained that the township board approved with conditions the transfer of 29 prepaid sewer taps and 29 prepaid water taps from the 30-acre Parcel A property as referenced in the Circuit Court Consent Judgment as to Sylvan Limited Holdings, LLC, now owned by LAGO Investments, to Dan Veri’s Chelsea Springs 2 development on August 3, 2021. The transfer of utility capacity is allowed pursuant to paragraph 13 of the Consent.

And finally with Chelsea Square, which is a multi-family residential apartment complex, the township is waiting for the final touches to an agreement collaborated by the developers and township attorney and engineer.

Looking ahead to next month, Kennedy said it’s the township’s hope that the documents will be ready. She said the developers of Chelsea Square are wanting to have things wrapped up by the end of the year. The township planner did say there are still some items to clarify in the agreement, specifically ones involving utilities.

There’s the possibility a special meeting could be held for this particular item.

Stay tuned.

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