MI State Legislators’ Vote Report, 12-21-2021


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How your Representatives and Senators in Lansing recently voted. Contact information is included at the end.

December 21, 2021

Senate Bill 85: Authorize spending $1 billion on new corporate subsidy program Passed 25 to 11 in the Senate on December 14, 2021

To appropriate $1 billion for a new corporate subsidy scheme. The money would pay for a “Critical Industry Fund” to give grants and loans to certain companies to create jobs or job training, and a “Strategic Site Readiness Fund” to give others money to create “investment-ready sites” for new plants and facilities. The bill also appropriates $409 million for relief to businesses "afflicted" by the coronavirus epidemic and responses, and $75 million to reduce personal property taxes levied on business tools and equipment.

Yes: Hertel (D)

No: Irwin (D), Theis (R)


Senate Bill 85: Authorize spending $1 billion on new corporate subsidy program Passed 78 to 25 in the House on December 14, 2021

The House vote to spend $1 billion on the new corporate subsidy program described above.

Yes: Brabec (D), Bollin (R), Lasinski (D)

No: Hope (D), Rabhi (D)


House Bill 5351: Cut small business tools-and-equipment tax Passed 21 to 15 in the Senate on December 14, 2021

To double a small business exemption on the value of business tools and equipment subject to property taxes (called the “personal property tax"), from $80,000 to $160,000, and also index this to inflation going forward.

Yes: Theis (R)

No: Hertel (D), Irwin (D)


House Bill 4970: Require all school employees take seizure classes Passed 85 to 17 in the House on December 14, 2021

To mandate that “all (public) school personnel” complete seizure recognition and seizure first-aid response training every other year.

Yes: Bollin (R), Hope (D), Lasinski (D), Rabhi (D)

No: Brabec (D)


Senate Bill 764: Authorize income tax deduction for gambling losses Passed 72 to 30 in the House on December 14, 2021

To authorize state income tax deductions for gambling losses claimed on an individual’s federal tax returns.

Yes: Bollin (R), Hope (D), Lasinski (D)

No: Brabec (D), Rabhi (D)


Senate Bill 728: Extend open meetings act to “independent citizens redistricting commissions” Passed 100 to 2 in the House on December 14, 2021

Yes: Bollin (R), Hope (D), Lasinski (D), Brabec (D), Rabhi (D)


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State Representatives

Donna Lasinski (D) District 52 (Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Scio, Manchester) 517 373 0828 donnalasinski@house.mi.gov

Yousef Rabhi (D) District 53 (Ann Arbor) 517 373 2577 yousefrabhi@house.mi.gov

Felicia Brabec (D) District 55 (Pittsfield, York, Barton Hills) 517 373 1792 FeliciaBrabec@house.mi.gov

Kara Hope (D) District 67 (Stockbridge) 517 373 0587 KaraHope@house.mi.gov

Ann Bollin (R) District 42 (Pinckney, Hamburg) 517 373 1784 AnnBollin@house.mi.gov

State Senators

Lana Theis (R) District 22 (Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Hamburg) 517 373 2420 SenLTheis@senate.michigan.gov

Jeff Irwin (D) District 18 (Ann Arbor, Saline, Pittsfield, York) 517 373 2406 senjirwin@senate.michigan.gov

Curtis Hertel Jr. (D) District 23 (Stockbridge) 517 373 1734 senchertel@senate.michigan.gov

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