100 Women Who Care in the Chelsea Area


100 Women Who Care-Chelsea Area presented it’s fourth Impact Award to House N2 Home this past fall. photo courtesy of 100 WWC-Chelsea Area

The local group, 100 Women Who Care - Chelsea Area, is aiming to make a difference in the communities they serve.

Since it was established, this charitable group within its first year gave a grand total of $51,026, which included donations of member contributions and matching gifts.

100 Women Who Care - Chelsea Area can be called a “giving circle” - where its members support the charitable work done by others.

As of December 2021, recipient organizations include:
October 6, 2020 - Faith In Action - $10,660
February 2, 2021 - St. Louis Center- $9,573
June 1, 2021 - Ele's Place - $15,840
October 5, 2021 - HouseN2Home, $14,954

The Sun Times News (STN) reached out to the Chelsea Area group to get a better idea what they are about.

STN connected with member Tammy Bridges.

In giving some history, Bridges said the 100 Women Who Care movement was started in Jackson.

“Back in 2006, a community leader named Karen Dunigan learned that hundreds of new mothers were bringing their newborns home and putting them to sleep in dresser drawers and boxes because they couldn’t afford a crib,” said Bridges. “When she learned that it would cost about $10,000 to purchase cribs, mattresses, and bedding to fill this need, she thought to herself, ‘I KNOW I can find 100 women in this community who can give $100 each to make this happen.’ She made phone calls, had a one-hour meeting to present the need, and raised $12,800 more than her goal.”

This story and its importance inspired some residents in the Chelsea area.

Bridges said in the summer of 2020, April Gasbarre, Tonya Gietzen and Stephanie Doll helped bring 100 Women Who Care-Chelsea Area to fruition.

According to its history, these founding members of the Steering Committee along with all members of the 100 Women Who Care - Chelsea Area giving circle, “are helping to make a difference in the communities of Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Grass Lake, Stockbridge and adjacent townships”.

In explaining what it is, the group’s website says, “It is a giving circle based on the simple concept of bringing local women together to make maximum impact for a charity in a minimal amount of time. Three meetings each year are only one hour long. In that time members select a local charity and thousands of dollars are raised for that non-profit organization. There’s no volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction item donations to solicit. There is simply the joy of giving back to our own community with an Impact Award.”

Joining the group requires a personal commitment to contribute $300 each calendar year ($100 -three times per year) to local nonprofit organizations.

Members agree to donate to the nonprofit organization selected by the group's majority vote at the meeting.

Bridges said the charities are nominated by members and vetted by the Charities Committee. Three of the nominated charities will be randomly selected to present at the meeting. The selected three will then be announced, providing members the option to research these charities in advance.

After the charity presentations at the meeting, Bridges said the majority vote of the members will determine who is awarded that meeting’s Impact Award. All the other nominated and vetted charities that have not won an award will be included in the next random drawing, up until two years at which time a re-nomination is required.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 1st at Golling Chrysler in Chelsea at 1500 S. Main St. It’s a hybrid in-person at Golling Chrysler and over Zoom.

The social hour will kick off at 6 p.m. with the meeting starting at 7 p.m.

Attendees are encouraged to imbibe and indulge while you mingle with members and guests. Everyone is invited to join them for the social hour and/or meeting.

There will be information about the group and applications for those interested in helping out.

Please RSVP Facebook @100WWCChelsea or email at wmcevents@gmail.com.

For more information on the organization, visit 100wwcchelsea.org/p/join-us.html.

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