Chelsea High School's classrooms are expected to become more flexible


Chelsea High School will get a big makeover this summer when it comes to furniture.

At its March 14 meeting, the Chelsea School District Board of Education voted yes on  Superintendent Julie Helber’s recommendation to approve the high school furniture purchases from the various vendors in the amount of $887,964.23.

Working with its consultant, Kingscott, the school district now has a plan in place to utilize bond funding to transform the furniture at CHS, including inside all of the classroom and instructional spaces at the high school, where there are 25 general education rooms and seven special education rooms.

Here's part of a rendering of what the new classroom might look like.

Helber said the Kingscott team worked hard on this and were able to keep the recommendation below budget. Kingscott representatives gave a presentation before the decision was made. 

They said they followed a process that had a focus group and a furniture committee created with discussions and the use of a sample room to help with the recommendation picks. Staff and students as well as a survey helped with the recommendation.

Another part of this process, had them going over to Beach Middle School to see how that furniture is doing. Beach had its furniture updated last summer.

In looking at the current general classroom setup at CHS, Kingscott said it doesn’t offer the flexibility and ergonomics that’s desired by staff and students.

A general CHS classroom as it looks currently.

Starting next school year, after this summer’s furniture placement project, the key features of a general classroom would now be that it does have flexibility/mobility and its ergonomic with standing options as well as being inclusive barrier free.

Kingscott said staff wanted the ability to move the classroom around and have space if needed.

One piece of this project is the Flex lab, which can accommodate 55 people in room 502. They said its currently underutilized, so it’s the hope the furniture update will help change that and make it a great spot for groups like yearbook and journalism as well as being a space for after school meetings or gatherings that don’t require the auditorium.

A snippet of what the new classroom might look like.
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