Chelsea Area Historical Museum Seeks Items for 70s Decade Exhibit


Get ready for a return to the ‘70s, in all their platform shoes and bubble font glory.

The Chelsea Area Historical Museum is mounting an exhibit featuring that iconic decade and wants to borrow your relics and treasures.

“Our exhibit will cover 1960 through 1990, but we’re planning a special focus on the ‘70s,” said Glenna Jo Christen, CAHS vice president of museum operations.

The 1970s was an era that in some ways was a continuation of the tumultuous 1960s and a transition into the 1980s,” she added.

“There were so many memorable fashions, fads, and moments in time that defined the era — from bell bottoms and maxi dresses, pet rocks and bubble font, Watergate and the gas crisis, “Saturday Night Fever," to "Sweet Home Alabama.”

The museum would like to borrow things like a record player and albums, posters (like the popular Farrah Fawcett), toys (like a See-n-Play or Atari console), clothes, photos that help tell the story of that era, and Vietnam memorabilia.

“Let us know what you have,” said Christen, “and we’ll take a look.”

The museum will provide documentation to make sure that items are returned.

CAHS secretary and co-chair of the exhibit, Janet Ogle-Mater, said that the items do not have to be Chelsea specific, and would happily accept any items from other places.

“And of course, we are also looking for Chelsea-related history and would welcome these as a donation. This can be anything from store memorabilia to a Varsity jacket to photos,” said Ogle-Mater.

"Too often we think of history as a time in the very distant past, and we ignore the eras we lived through personally,” Ogle-Mater said. “But the 1970s were fifty years ago and we want to engage the community in showcasing it. We look forward to telling the story of its arts and culture, social and political challenges, and everyday life in our small hometown.”

Organizers would like the items brought to the museum now through April, during regular hours, Saturdays, noon to 3 p.m. Other arrangements could be made for artifact drop-off.

For questions, please contact

The mission of the Chelsea Area Historical Society is to gather and preserve Chelsea area history, educate the public, and promote the restoration and preservation of historic buildings and sites for future generations. The museum is located in the 1853 Boyd House, at 128 Jackson St., across from the Chelsea Depot. For more information, visit or call 734.476.2010.

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